Monday, March 19, 2007

Top of the Morning to you!

Did you get out to celebrate the" Luck of the Irish" on Saturday? I went to the little grocery store in my local little town...bought some corned beef, cabbage and carrots. The original plan for the day was to go to my daughter's house to help do some yard work. When I got out of bed before sunrise on Saturday we were getting some white stuff; canceled the plans. By the afternoon the snow had disappeared. My husband went to take a lesson in a different plane. He is getting a wide range of experience in his quest to get his Sport Pilot's Certificate. The present plane,an Ercoupe, continues to have more mechanical problems so his hopes of another lesson will be put off until the mechanic gets the bugs out. I have voiced my opinion. It seems that every plane he has tried to get his certificate in has problems . Is he supposed to get it??? Ah, we all know the answer to that one. For SURE! ; ) We are looking for some warmer conditions this week. Although, with warmer temperatures it looks like we are in for moisture. Just what I am not looking forward to...with the melting snow of last week the ground around here is more than wet. Trying to keep the mud outside of the house is a challenge since we are sans cement. You heard me, no concrete drive-way or sidewalks. It is fine when the weather is dry . Didn't want to have to break up concrete when and if I get to build a house . Still dark outside at 6:20 A.M.. Saw the "Big Dipper" as I peered out the door to check on the sound of a vehicle in the area. Sunrise comes at 7:19 today, I think I saw. Planted some seeds in my window nursery last Wednesday and Thursday. Had some cosmos flowers germinate in just a couple of days. Looking forward to getting some more seeds and maybe some plants for the garden this year. The weather is giving me the itch to plant some lettuce, radishes, spinach etc...How about you? Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week!