Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Risen , a movie now playing throughout the United States during Lent  is about the crucifixion and investigation of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ according to the experiences of Tribune Clavius,a non-believer. He was given the task by the Roman Ruler Pontius Pilate to expose the perpetrators of the lie of a  Risen Messiah.  To find those who could tell him about the tomb he had sealed, now opened and empty...

My husband and I had the pleasure of spending the last two weekends viewing the movie on Sunday afternoons.  Both weekends  we, my hubby and I visited the new Cinemark XD Theater located in Altoona, IA to see the movie.
Cinemark XD Altoona,IA

We felt the content of the movie followed the scripture and would  like to suggest to those seeking a different point of view on a life changing event to stop by your local theater.

I wanted to share the movie experience with my older brother while he was available...

which happened to coincide with the second Sunday afternoon.

I would like to address the new seating arrangements that we found quite appealing. A new amenity in the theater going experience.

On our first visit we discovered that you could select your seating. They show you a diagram at the ticketing counter  for you choose the available lounges. Cinemark offers online ticket purchases with two ticket dispensers available at the Altoona location.Once inside your particular theater the aisles are lettered and the seats numbered for identification, simple and easy.

As you can see in the picture, the young woman is reclining on a lounger, much like you would get to do at home. The middle arm that includes a cup holder will fold up if you need more room and are sharing the chair with a familiar individual. It looks as though she is enjoying some tasty concession snacks.

Getting back to the movie Risen... My simple recommendation when you take time out of your busy schedule is to stop, look, and listen, to what God is trying to share through the eyes of a Roman Tribune - in search of the truth...