Friday, March 28, 2008

Garden Dreams

This is the time of year gardeners are getting a need to play in the dirt...I am among them. Thus the name CDGardens... Last year,I didn't cultivate my deeply ingrained need to start plants from seed. Through the winter the seed offers me the best option of continuing to be productive. To watch life spring forth, mature, and then return to the earth. Table of plants 2006 In the past I used to start seeds way back in January. My kitchen became a jungle as the plants needed to be given more potting mix to maintain its health and continue to grow.By the time spring arrived I was ready to empty out the house. As soon as I placed the plants outside,it wasn't long until they were chewed off by one animal,or another. Then of course I felt great loss,because in just a few days all my work had been reduced to wilted heaps. Eventually, I built some fences to try to keep marauders of all sizes at bay. For a brief moment it worked. That is until the rabbits decided to go over the top of the rabbit wire at the base of the fence in the big garden, and under the gate of the little garden, even with a board across the bottom. You can surely say, "Where there is a Will - There is a WAY." The wildlife aren't doing things to be mean. They are looking for an easy source of nourishment. More times than not, the rabbits would chew the plant mat-erial in two, realizing afterward they really don't find the taste all that appealing. Little critters either smelled or saw fresh greens . BLESS their Pea Pickin' hearts!!! Happens year after year...They have a lapse of memory. My gardening dreams still continue in spite of set backs, because it seems to come from deep within the heart of me - so I continue on with determination. The Farmer/Huntress syndrome?