Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fred Thompson on the Economy

My post today is off topic to most of what is published here. I will not apologize for having strong opinions about the state of where our country has gone. Bureaucratic arrogance has knocked the underpinnings out of the foundation. Common sense no longer has a place in government. Grand speeches,lawyer doublespeak, that in essence says nothing, but makes people feel good. Former Presidential Candidate Fred Thompson, has given us his point of view on what is happening with our national economy. Certainly,we all have opinions on how we see our current state of affairs in America and how they will play out in the future... I find that I have common thoughts with those expressed by Mr. Thompson...He may be saying them in jest. However, maybe his thoughts will give us something to consider if we are at a point where we are letting others do the thinking for us.
The video is 8 minutes long - in my opinion worth every minute if you have the time to spare...