Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Altoona,IA Bass Pro Shop Updates

This picture I posted on July 18,2008, heralded in the public advertisement of the intent for the Bass Pro Shop chain to become an anchor store of the new Shoppes at Prairie Crossing Mall that is being developed at the corner of U.S. Highway 65 by-pass loop and Interstate 80. An article in The Des Moines Register on February 9, 2009, reported that the man behind the development, Mike Whalen, felt good about the progress that had been achieved during one of the coldest winters Iowa had experienced in the last seven years. Yesterday gave me the opportunity to check on the building myself. The picture to the left is the view presently seen from the U.S 65 by-pass as you travel to the on ramp to Interstate 80 East.This is the west side view. I am anxious to see  how they will finish landscaping the pond area. Traveling further, another angle presented itself overlooking a water feature. I am sure it will be developed to add peace and serenity to what will be a very busy location. Familiar markers are seen in the picture to the left - the Bass Pro Shop sign, and the Altoona water tower, along with the east edge of the building. This building is impressive in size,3 1/2 football fields worth of merchandise will fill it when completed. Could take days to see it ALL. ;)Bass Pro Shop Altoona, IA opening AUgust 2009