Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Timber Life Spring Fungus Review

The mighty Morel has finally arrived at Timber Life. The Morel season always seems to get a late start here in our timber. No matter where I look on our property during the prime hunting seasons elsewhere, not one little morsel becomes evident to the eye.

I have searched on different occasions, in different locations, at different times of the day...The way I became aware that the mushrooms were in waiting was mowing my yard, I found three. One was at the foot of an Oak tree and two at the foot of a big old Red Elm tree. That was my "AHA!" moment.

Silly me! I didn't stop mowing then and go search like I should have. Instead I continued my work. Once I decided to go look, I located them in a spot where most of our finds occur once they start popping. If I had gone earlier in the day I may have been able to catch them in an edible condition.

Hubby took his turn looking for some tasty treats after work once he discovered I had started finding them. In addition he pulled a brown oyster mushroom from it's hiding place. Again the morels were beyond edible so today maybe close to our last hope of finding some to saute.
This is one example of what I found a while back for the Brown Oyster mushroom just getting a colony started. Other colonies exist but we haven't harvested them for food, just getting more interested in seeing what is available in our little eco-system.

The weather was fantastic today - the garden called after some more mowing was done.

If anymore Morels popped I didn't see them after my mid-morning search. Maybe next year... ;)