Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Year Ago - The Day After Christmas

What a difference a year makes in  time and place...I would like to flashback to where I left off - the day after Christmas 2010 on our way back from Jamestown, ND.

We finished packing up the car, with Sadie taking her place in the backseat, we got on our way before daylight.  Hubby and I wanted to make some stops, but still get home in time to beat sundown.Snow was in the air and the passing lane of  eastbound I-94 was absent of tire marks as our car lights reflected back from the twinkling crystals.

Light of day finally came rising off the horizon through the misty cold winter clouds as we reached Fargo/Moorhead.
East of Moorhead, MN

It was after 9:00 before the greyness began to melt away with intermittent snow still blowing across the road.

The color of the sky ranged from pastel pinks to blue and finally warm orange as the sun rose between the openings of the swiftly changing cloud banks.
Hubby and I were still a long way from home.

Camera in hand I intended to find points of interest as we sped onto the next available Cabela's to stop and shop.

Heading eastward brought us onto a stretch of road that has come to carry the label Deer Stand Rowe to me. It seemed to have the greatest concentration of visible stands from the interstate - lying not far from our present location.

Check back for another installment of our flashback to our trip home in 2010 - see the variety of stands and locations...