Sunday, July 17, 2011

It Goes Bump in the Night

For those of us who have trail cameras out, you can probably site different occasions when you see things that you can't identify right off hand.

I keep having a few of those experiences.

You might assign this image with the title of "Bat" or "Bird"...Maybe it's a HUGE bug? In any event this was the only picture of the "unknown" captured in the series  when the camera was triggered.

There seems to a nebulous aura where I would assume a wing would be a flutter. 

This image is like none other I have seen since having the camera, getting close to a year now.

Could it be an out of focus deer face? Once again it was the only picture in a series. A fast mover!

Usually I can tell if it is a deer getting up close. You would see the glare of an eye or an ear hair or two, and most definitely a nose or tongue,but this is  a mystery.

 I like keeping the camera low to get interactions such as the one you are witnessing in these pictures.

Some days you have to wonder if they line up to take turns on getting a lick in?

Then there are the days when they look like they are posing for group pictures to keep for posterity's sake.Silly Deer! or is that Deerses?

Not only the good has been noted - some health issues have become evident within the herd as well.

Creature in a hurry! See those streaks in the flash?

I am beginning to wonder if the coyotes, or raccoons, are taking a minute in their nightly trips around the timber in search of food to check out that  blinking red eyed box.

Mysteries are fun, but not knowing makes me yearn to see more.

Until the next post, CDGardens here at Timber Life signing out. Have a Great day!!!