Monday, December 28, 2020

House on the Rock- Part 2

 In my last blogpost Corey and I made our way into the House on the Rock Museum  to see what fascinating discoveries we could find. 

As we entered the large glassed doors we were greeted by other visitors milling about in the concessions area to our right and dotting the ceiling above us were model aircraft of one design, or another in the "Spirit of Aviation" section leading into the Cafe.  

It was especially interesting to us since we had just finished our week at AirVenture 2018. 

 Both ship and bi-plane models found their way into the Men and Women's Bathrooms adjacent to the main entry...

 Please forgive me if I shouldn't place a name to all the scaled models pictured here... However, I believe maybe a reader or two might have an idea of what they could be .

        We found something to keep the mind busy the minute we walked in the door!

Stepping to the left side of the entrance doors we made our way to a counter where a Customer Service Representative had a poster full of different tour options  from which to choose.  

Then after making our selection known of what areas in and around the building we would like to enjoy; we walked through the doors immediately to the side of the counter,opening onto the designated self-guided tour paths.

Our choice of tour was The Original House which included Section One of this expansive personal residence.

In the next blogposts we'll take a few minutes to explore each section visited and a few thoughts about our impressions received as we walked through time.   

Please stop back...Until then Have a great Day! 

Saturday, December 12, 2020

House on the Rock - Part One

 What would a trip to Wisconsin be without a trip to House on the Rock

As we headed home from our week in Oshkosh we sought out our last minute destination to add to the accomplished part of Corey and my Couple's To-Do -List. I had heard other people bring up the huge compound -  now museum in conversation once in awhile...Often with my mental note,"Sounds like a great place to stop and look around." Well, dare I say that day was that very day?

We headed out of Appleton one last time to begin our miles headed back in the direction of home.

 Our timing brought us to our tourist destination shortly after twelve o'clock noon. We turned to follow the signs, joining others headed on the same route into the parking area.

When we entered the gate we could tell there would be little surprises dispersed in natural cul-de-sacs along the way.

Large urns planted with summertime flowers dotted the landscape everywhere. Some were so secluded you needed to look quick or you might miss them.


It became apparent during our visit that Lizards, Snakes and Dragons were important to Alex Jordan builder of the House on the Rock over looking the Wyoming Valley ...the House being constructed on a rock formation known as Deer Shelter Rock. 

The original intent for the compound was to be a weekend retreat for Mr. Jordan and invited guests.

As we arrived it was decided that Corey and I ,two tired travelers after a full week of events would take a couples-selfie documenting our visit before entering the museum. It was then time to begin our stroll through the mind and design of  the architect.  

The setting was absolutely one that I would choose to place a private dwelling.  My personal opinion,I imagine that having to step away to gain financing at intervals may have taken away some of the enjoyment of having such a wonderful dwelling. I definitely would have missed the solitude and the space to ramble aimlessly out of the elements.

A large covered public entrance invited us into the tourist attraction.

By the time I finish sharing my thoughts about one of  Wisconsin's eclectic constructions,my hope would be to place enough interest so you too can see it as one of those out of the way places that might be put on your future "To -Do-List."

Please come back to visit soon to see some of the internal attractions I found to be of interest as we journeyed through the corridors,expansive rooms and intimate close quarters meant for the purpose of meditation...Always keeping the mind busy.

Have a great day!