Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Turkey Times

What a nice start to the Spring Turkey Hunt! This turkey family - Hen and 4 chicks have been constant citizens in the backyard. They travel just outside the line of tall foilage to scratch. The Hen is teaching her babies to forage for food. They all know how to fly for the tree tops as was shown one day after Sadie and I had stirred them out of hiding in the pasture. The first response was a gallop out of the high grass, lifting off to glide gracefully skyward ,only to stop at the tree tops.
Having a few more rounds to make in our walk, we had the opportunity to stop and watch the Hen gathering her chicks from the perches they had risen to a short time before. Barely visible due to the ground cover, she only vocalized at brief intervals, to call the kids back to her side.
This afternoon ,we found this little family, tucked not so silently by the back of the garden. Gliding out of range into the tangle of the timber as we startled them from their hiding place...