Sunday, May 31, 2009

"UP"- Movie Review

Today, I would like to share my opinion of a movie that from all outward appearances might appeal to children 7 years and older. There is alot of color and continuous activity so if you need to entertain younger brothers and sisters they too might find the movie an enjoyable experience. Hubby and I enjoy checking out flicks in the theater that might be good to give our grandchildren when they come out on DVD, or add to our library when we have sleep-overs. This movie is about an old man, Carl Fredericksen, who made a promise throughout his life to his childhood sweetheart/wife to visit a faraway place together. The idea to explore was brought about by the tales of an an adventurer they both admired greatly when they were children..."Cross his heart." To my surprise I saw a cameo shot in the movie of a deer that reminded me a whole bunch of Deer Camp Blog'sThunderhoof. You'll have to go check out this movie no matter your age. We saw plenty of other couples young and older without kids, but if you would rather...I bet you know a youngster that would enjoy an afternoon matinee to make you legal. Hubby and I give it five stars - the best rating. ;)