Friday, June 27, 2008

33rd Wedding Anniversary

On June 28,1975, at 2:00 P.M.. In a country church called Noble Center United Methodist Church, located on rural southwestern Iowa Highway 71. Hubby and I exchanged vows to become partners for life. The joining of country and city. It was an unforgettable day! Hot and Iowa humid, where the moisture collects and runs off.
Here's a likeness of the "Get Away" car.
Anybody know what it is? I sure am looking forward to seeing what the NEXT 33(?) years have to bring... ;)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Hunt is On

Hunt ? What Hunt?!? Well, for the Wild Gooseberry of course! In about three days the Wild Raspberries will begin their period of supplying my demand. The Mulberries are ready too if you enjoy their flavor. The floor of the timber has some pretty dense weeds, invasive honeysuckle, fallen limbs, trees and a myriad of other obstacles to get around. Fun all the same! If you ask me. Getting a little steamy out there! The Deep Woods Off! isn't lasting more than two hours with skin moisture dilution. Mosquitoes just hovering in wait to take advantage once the deet goes away. The berry picking for me means that half of the year is gone and the slide to the end is picking up speed. Other types of hunting getting closer and closer. These boots are made for walkingI have had my trusty boots for 7 years now...gone through lots of stuff. Wear them when I am off to the timber to avoid thorny brush in the feet syndrome and those little squiggly green snakes babies I have seen in the neighborhood as of late...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sadie Says

It is I ,Sadie, the wonder dog. Back again for another what's going on at Timber Life with Mom and me.
Can I say whew! The life of a pampered puppy can be a challenge...
Mom is keeping busy with my antics for sure and trying to work on online independent study in the Medical Coding and Billing field along with other summertime activities). Right now she is working on the Computer Literacy module. It is divided up into 15 weeks with 3 days scheduled in each week. She is able to move as fast or as slow as she feels comfortable. Mom got started the last part of March, and wants to finish before the 15 month deadline set by the educator. Oh, the educator is understanding if you request additional time, but like always she has a drive to "Get 'er done." "Lord Help Us All!" Did I say Antics? Lets see now. At this house there are all kinds of cords for computers and phones. You know the kind of place, where they have gadgets. Yummy carpets to chew, doors you can push against and they will open...Just the regular kind of puppy stuff to keep things lively. My Mommy still loves me even when I seem like a pest. I must say I have my heartwarming qualities too. When I want a treat I will sit and do my dance trying to decide which paw I will present to shake. Mom points to the paw she wants, sometimes I slip the other one up for some affection, and a super tasty piece of a Science Diet puppy treat. Let me tell ya if this is all I have to do to keep 'um happy around here I have it made in the shade...Talking 'bout shade. Ahhh, I'd better leave that for another day.
Sadie Says have a great day everybody. I know I will!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sadie Says

Time for my weekly installment. I really do have some opinions on items made for the canine crowd. In my puppy days I have been found to take off with Mom and Dad's shoes and boots, to have a nibble, until they are found to be missing from the designated holding rug by the door. Wouldn't you know it? Mom decided that she was going to try a product to stop my inner wishes everytime I was tempted. Maybe you have even tried it to keep your little angels from ripping apart your footwear. Here is a product called Pet Odoban. Supposed to be a "No Chew Spray", Tea Tree oil,a bitter barrier. Hmmm, no chew, huh?!? My Mom would totally saturate the surfaces until the liquid was running off the shoes and some furniture I found to be particulary of interest. Boy! The first couple of times it made me shake my head when I lapped it up. After while it didn't make any difference... So, Sadie says, not every dog may have the same results of being offended by the flavor provided by this product. Don't count on protection. Better luck next time 'round Mom!

Blowin' in the Wind

When you hear the words "Blowin' in the Wind", what do you think of? Bob Dylan's song? Certainly one thing that could come to mind when that phrase is used. When I use it, I am going to refer to the pollen I saw being released in the breeze last night around 5:00 p.m. . Looked just like smoke blowing across the tops of the tall grasses.
This is the part of the spring I dread. I react to all those little floating particles that pop out. This has been an absolutely great year for healthy grass
growth so the pollen seems extra abundant.
Wishing all of you that experience allergies through the Spring some relief shortly...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Family Fish and Game Magazine Review

Recently I received this magazine in the mail. Until then I was not familiar with the publication. Reading the Featured articles list I found topics ranging from "Love Those Family Vacations" by Steve Weisman to "Bowfishing For Beginners" by Tracy Breen. A good mix of male and female authors. The advertisements were focused to the well rounded sportsperson. Going from trapshooting needs,a device to lock a handgun for safety, fishing/ hunting needs,hunting trips,training seminars and much more. The publishers of this outdoors magazine hale out of Fort Dodge,IA. You can see more information about submitting your own hunting and fishing stories on their website at Family Fish and Game . Become a published author in your own rite. Don't forget to checkout the stories and pictures by the kids... DISCLAIMER: I donot receive any financial backing for my opinion,or positive view of this monthly magazine. However, I do feel it would be a good value...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sadie Says

Hi folks! Some of you already know who I am. My humans cal me Sadie. Like all moms , CDGardens has added a middle name to give her more "blah, blah, blah" when she gets upset with my behavior. I guess in human speak it is "Sadie Sioux." Thought I would take some time to check -in with you. Been at home for a month now. I truly have been through a whole lot of learning. It has recently been discussed between mom and me that I might get to have my own column once a week. The idea arose when mom caught me sitting in her chair with my paws not very far from the keyboard. I wasn't looking for a job other than maybe becoming a hunting buddy, but here I am, graduating to the world of the Internet at the tender age of three months.

If you want to know what I was actually up to ...I'll tell you. My mom has paper here and there, a kleenex box sat on an end table until I started pulling them out a couple at a time to chew. MY of ALL the fun I have ripping things up when she isn't in the close vicinity. Yes, I learned to climb chairs, couches, or whatever to get what I want off the counters. Mom's computer chair is a great place to take short rests - climbing made the world around Timber Life a whole lot smaller.

Not to worry - mom doesn't think I will have to put in too many hours so there will be plenty of time to PLAY or hunt....Is there a difference? ;)

Hope you will all come on back once in awhile to see what I'm up to.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Vistor from the East

We have been having some pretty intense storms the last three or so days. Enough wind, lightening, and thunder, to make your hair curl. Setting the stage I must add that on one of our walks Sadie and I came pretty close to some lightening with the clap of thunder right over our heads. We scurried for cover so as not to tempt fate with a second strike of lightening. How often do you see unusual sights when you are out walking in the Timber or your own yard for that matter? Here is what we saw on one of our trips around the yard Anyone venture a guess to what it might be? He is related to the local bird to the right.

If you guessed Peafowl you were correct. Pat yourself on the back. We are guessing it is a Peacock with trailing feathers trimmed. A tended group lives about 2 1/2 miles due east of us. He got away from his enclosure in the storms that have been causing some high anxiety for birds, beasts and beings ...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Spring's Alive!

Spring is coming alive here at Timber Life.
The Weigelia shrub is in heavy bloom and becoming an attraction for the hummingbird population. Hubby got me a Gift Card to a local Garden Store eight years ago for "Mother's Day" ; this was what I chose. It comes back year after year, blooms heavily in the spring ,with a second bloom in the late summer. This one has beautiful red flowers... Yesterday, as Sadie and I were taking one of our morning walks the first fawn of the season was sighted in the middle of the pasture to the right. The doe sipping at the puddle has been hanging around the yard. I can only speculate it is the same one that was watching me mow last year when I found a young fawn - posted on June 11,2007, in "Bambi Alert!" The turkey was having a fantastic time playing in the mud. Jumping in and out like a little kid, scratching to see what it could find. Seeing and hearing at least one close by daily has been a change. The population expanding they may become more and more visible. It has been 16 years since we moved here on June 12th. With each passing year it seems as though we are be assimilated into the wilderness surroundings - the wild life coming closer, to call it their home as well...