Saturday, December 24, 2011

2 Bucks in 2 Years

I want to congratulate my neighbor Sam Huntrods for being able to bring down two fantastic looking bucks in the last two years.

Sam uses a Remington 870 shotgun with a Nikon Prostaff Shotgun Hunter Scope to zero in on the right shot.

Sam Huntrods December 2010 - 16yrs. old

The 2010 buck was a part of a large hunting group sweep from the timber here at Timber Life during the first Shotgun Season. If memory serves me the group came through between three and four in the afternoon. It was a successful day for most involved.

The second buck in the background belonged to Sam's dad taken out of a family timber south of us.

Sam Huntrods 2012 - 17 yrs. old

This fine looking buck came out of a late afternoon hunt the second day of the first Shotgun Season,December 4th. Sam, was hunting on a smaller scale with his dad and uncle this time around.

Sam shared that he worked at getting the best angle to limit his activity to one shot, because the buck had a harem of six does, he wanted to limit any extra movement and noise so he wouldn't get busted...This time he was closer into the timber for the hunt.

We have had the opportunity to hunt without snow cover this year - cold days, yes, but snow in our location was conspicuously absent .  I appreciate having brown ground . However, other hunters voiced their preference for snow and being able to track their kills better.

My wish for Sam is that he is able to see continued success from year to year with the early start he was able to achieve.

Congratulations Sam!