Sunday, May 4, 2008

Mother's Day Present

Friday, May 2nd , 11:45 A.M. we located the Madison, SD., Countryside Kennel,where we met with Dorothy Sanborn co-owner,to visit with our soon to be English Springer Spaniel puppy "Sadie".
At six weeks old she was weaned a couple of days before we arrived. She and her siblings are still not very aware of the world beyond their little family cubicle. We had a great time visiting not only with our puppy, but all the little cuties being housed in the same building. Three of Sadie's siblings came to visit us as we were standing outside their pen. One of her sisters was really trying to escape the joint to explore the great huge world beyond. Then one of her brothers set up a howl, even at the tender age of 6 weeks and three days. What pipes the little guy had! Gave us all a chuckle for the day. Our visit concluded, Sadie, put back into her pen, she snuggled in for a nap with her family as we visited with Dorothy on our way out the door. Looking forward to the time we will be able to bring her to her "forever home",and the opportunity to share the outdoor experience as she gets older...

Milking Goats

Yes, this is me at the business end of a goat....
This past week was one of a personal enrichment experience. I learned how to milk a goat and to hold the legs while another person is doing the same so they won't lose the milk or get a rear hoof to the lip. Putting corn in the feeding tray of the stanchion helped to calm them until it was finished and keep them from trying to take off mid milking.

A neighbor lady of ours has gone through cancer surgery and her Dr. has started her on an 8 week course of chemotherapy - every two weeks. This past week her husband was out of town for his job. The oldest daughter who can be no more than 12 or 13 said she has been milking goats for 5-6 years. She has been the "Master Milker" while her mother is recuperating and father is out of town. Another neighbor lady, that lives across the road from me, and I went twice a day, Monday morning thru Friday morning. I ended my assistance on Thursday evening, and the other lady ended on Friday morning, since the man of the farm was to be back by the evening milking.

Friday morning we were off to Countryside Kennel at Madison,SD., to visit with our soon to be English Springer Spaniel puppy, "Sadie".