Monday, January 9, 2012

Public Hunting

Public Hunting is a definitely a subject concerning hunters as private property owners are continuing the downturn in allowing other people into their private grounds,farms,or timbers. I am glad Iowa and other states have set aside wildlife areas where men and women can get out to participate in their chosen outdoor activities given these facts.

We have Public Hunting Grounds not far away at Hendrickson Marsh. Lately it is continually being groomed to improve it for migratory birds.Trees being cut down on shorelines - water drained to keep fish populations down that disturb plant growth. Last spring was  the best migrations I had witnessed since moving here 19 years ago.
Old boat ramp looking towards new concrete structure Story County side of marsh

I don't hunt public grounds, because I have a farm/timber setup. In an answer to the question that might arise about letting others have access to my land to is limited - neighbors and a few others. I have found leftover garbage dispersed in the timber...they probably figured with all the acres available how would anyone run across spent shells or crumpled beer cans?

Getting back to my original thought  here -There are days when I decide to stop by the marsh on my way back from errands,go over to visit when I hear migratory bird activity, or just take a few minutes to watch the resident Bald Eagles and Red Tailed Hawks when they are dancing on the thermals.

 Getting some pictures of two of the parking areas around the marsh within the last week- it raises concerns for me.

If we as citizens share the same space hunter/non-hunter what kind of reputation would you say the hunter would get after the non-hunter saw these dumpings? I enjoy my trips to a place that has wild life diversity  and I am experiencing strong emotion about the garbage strewn across the messes up the definition of pristine countryside.

Here is another question that I would ask  hunters,city dweller ,out of state visitors, or locals, who felt it necessary to leave behind their spent shells and thirst quenching containers.  I hope they have a chance to read this blogpost...

Why would a landowner want anyone to hunt their land if this is how they disrespected  land owned by themselves, their family, their neighbors, so on and so on????
Get the picture?
Just an honest question in trying to understand why people think it is okay to leave garbage in someone else's backyard?