Monday, March 6, 2017

Iowa Deer Classic 2017 in the Rearview Mirror

Iowa State Capitol off I-235
Welcome to Des Moines,IA, home of the Iowa Cubs baseball team , Iowa Barnstormers Arena League Football and the Iowa Wild Amateur Hockey League!

Iowa Proud?!? You Bet!

My husband Corey and I  headed past the State Capitol towards the Iowa Events Center on Saturday, March 4th, to walk the aisles of
Hy-Vee Hall to become one of the many hundreds to experience the Iowa Deer Classic 2017.

We came in from the Eastside so we are now Westbound I-235 to get the right street heading to the main parking lot north of Veteran's Auditorium. Taking 3rd St. to end up at the right spot.
Veteran's Auditorium-Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center and Wells Fargo Arena straight ahead!  For those of you who don't have any history of visits to Iowa's biggest city

I know! Go this way and then that way...then you end up HERE!

Parked outside the Hy-Vee Hall's north entrance was the team bus for Driven with Pat & Nicole.

Later, I found their booth #1 and stopped to listen to the end of one of their seminars downstairs. So many good seminars to attend, I didn't get a chance to hear all that was said...
I was out to take pictures! And that I did! Thanks to these willing souls ...their passion being the Iowa Morel with a little bit of Buck tine decoration to make things interesting.

A few more months and we will be out hunting for morels. Another one of those natural treats that has us out and about in the great outdoors.
AH! Look! Nicky Boy Charters at booth #843. Set-up and ready to share what they can do to provide a vacation on the waters of  Lake Michigan.

I've just gotten a good start but my blogging time for today has come to and end. Spring temperatures are calling before the snow arrives this coming weekend. See you tomorrow!