Monday, March 3, 2008

One Spring Day

One Spring Day...That being said I must cringe with the abrupt change that developed in mid-afternoon Sunday.

Earlier Sunday it had turned off very balmy. Our snowpack was heading into the watery realm. I was pleased at how much reduction we had seen over the weekend.
The first sighting of Robins came,I looked out after Hubby pointed my attention in the direction of the front yard.My heart skipped with joy at the meaning of the moment. Spring was not far off. However, I do know that the male Robins usually show up late February to set their territories, not unusual for more winter weather once they get here. Other migrating birds have been making their way back as well. A couple of weeks ago a meadowlark was perched on an electric wire, some mourning doves were caught resting in the middle of the gravel road at the end of our drive. Grand-daughter Alexa and I saw waterbirds winging their way northward Sunday morning,they were looking for a place to sit and rest.
Oh BLAST! The clouds started filling in around 1:00, taking on the moisture laden dark color associated with rain. Good news though the precipitation didn't arrive until half past three. Things declined from there as the Alberta Clipper chased away the warming effects from the south. Once again it looks like cold through the week with a token promise of warmer temperatures come the weekend...When will it stay?