Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy 35th Anniversary

Today,  Hubby and  I are celebrating our 35th Wedding Anniversary...
These are two songs popular in the mid 70's that we decided would be apart of our forever after story...

Mr. and Mrs. Corey Butcher

June 28, 1975

Now and into the Future

Pictured right to left front row:Millie Koenig - Mother of the Bride, Dianna Koenig Butcher, Corey Butcher, Lucille Butcher - Mother of the Groom.

back row right to left: Donna Jones - friend and soloist, Janet Koenig Huff - Sister and Bridesmaid, Brothers of the Bride Dale Koenig, Ed Koenig, Brother of the Groom and guitar accompanist/soloist Bryan Butcher, Father of the Groom Don Butcher

Time is not the only thing that will keep slipping into the future,so will we as long as God allows... ;)