Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Bass Pro Shops Gift Card Choices

The other day I spoke of my Hubby's decision to entertain my interest in gaining some "Stuff" for my outdoor activities. He gave me a very nice birthday card with a magnificent Whitetail Buck on the front. (who knows maybe the only one I will get up close and personal with this year...) In addition, a gift card to a positively huge sportsmans supply store just down the road about a half an hour.

I want to share the "Stuff" purchased with my gift card this time around. There were so many things I wanted, so I prioritized a list. The Thermacell had been recommended to me by Arthur,at Simply Outdoors,over a year ago when I talked about being attacked by mosquitoes everytime I walk outside in the summer. SimplyOutdoors said...
I've never berry hunted before, but sounds like a good time. You should try a thermacell to keep those mosquitos away. They even make a cool pouch so you can carry it along with you.

June 26, 2008 10:12 AM
I'll be giving the portable mosquito fogger a workout next summer for sure, but with the temps still being pretty warm it might get to work sooner.

As you can see I bought a Knight & Hale
Soft Grunter, a new tool in my arsenal to get the bucks to come closer.

It wasn't long after I got home I had the call out giving it a try to see what kind of sound it would make. I am going to have to listen to some expert callers to see what pattern of calling they use under what circumstances.

The only thing we didn't  do  this time was eat at  Uncle Buck's Fishbowl and Grill. We checked to see how long the wait would be...When we found out it would be an hour and a half until we were seated, it was a joint decision to seek an alternate eating establishment on this occassion. The next time we know we should put our names on the seating list before we begin shopping, to get everything accomplished while we are there.

Other excursions are planned so we can capitalize on all the offerrings made by our local Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World... ;)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Birthday Celebration

The clock reads 6:32 A.M., the calendar says September 21,2009, that makes me 52 years 37 minutes old... Friday, when Hubby and I were working on assembling a section of wall for our house/lodge, I played "100 Questions" to see if I could narrow down what he had planned for my birthday celebration. I asked about three different scenarios...A visit to Bass Pro Shops in Altoona was among them. Silly man ! He always gives himself away when I guess what he has planned. He gets a grin on his face, can't look me straight in the eye, and this time he turned his back to me to hide any further facial expression confirmations. He wouldn't verbally say at that point which one since he still wanted it to be a surprise. His comment when he turned away was that I hadn't been wrong about one of the guesses. Bass Pro Shops got the biggest reaction... ;) After 34 years of marriage you get to know how the other person thinks even if they don't think they are that transparent. Late Sunday afternoon I made my second visit to the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World. This time I got into the picture to record my visit. I kind of blend into the surroundings because of my apparel color choices.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Congratulations Sara and Brian!

Saturday, August 29th,2009, turned out to be what you would call "A picture perfect day in Central Iowa". After what seemed a whirlwind courtship,click here to read about the two young people who decided it was time for them to make a life long committment before God, family and friends. Fellow Blogger, my niece Sara Butcher, of Warrior Princess Dream followed her heart down the aisle at the Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp Chapel, Story City,IA. Where Brian, her husband had been an employee of the camp in a multi-tasking position. It was a very peaceful and welcoming setting for the beginning of the next phase of their life together.
I would like to present Mr. Brian and Sara Burrier and wish them many years of wedded happiness.
Congratulations!.. ;)