Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thank You!

Yesterday,Marian stopped by to let me know she had awarded me "The Excellent Blog Award". An honor to be apart of a larger group that enjoys catching up with each other in the blog world. There are so many authors I read and respect for their slant on common experiences that to try to pass the award along would take forever. We have writers that need to step out of their comfort zone (me included), people experiencing illness in the family and illness in their own lives. A few who aren't sure if they are being read...and some that just sit down to type with nothing less than perfection coming off those keyboards. Always something new coming off the 'Net. It is more fun to have a voice behind the numbers reflected by page impression counts, but in case they don't speak up, just smile to yourself and know the"lurkers" are taking a minute to see what you are made of.
Why did you choose the internet for your platform?
1.Was it because you thought you had something unique to add? 2.You want to gain a passive income and started to talk about things you are passionate about. What ever the case, my encouragement to everyone is to keep writing. Sure, there will be readers who like the way you write and some who won't. Thanks again Marian for the award. Congratulations to you on your award!