Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Learning Curve

Today has been another day of learning. Maybe, I will get closer to the goal of getting my first deer. I learned that when the gun fires my aim isn't true. It will be to my benefit to find a tree to lean against or get another means of support to help steady my arm. Having a strong wind can be a problem in making an exact target hit as well. A few things that I need to keep in mind to make a difference in my hunting skill. To the seasoned hunter my woes probably seem elementary. Each year I learn a little more but have not made the commitment to stay outside ALL day to wait for my prey to saunter across my path. My attitude is changing. Earlier this morning I was tempted again by the multitude of deer I stirred from their hiding place. Oh YES! You have heard about the "Trophy Buck" ? I wish I had been close enough and had the camera at hand. The vision of that majestic animal bounding away is etched in my minds eye. He was among a large group of mixed aged kin. His antler rack stood high above the crown of his head. What a sight!
The picture of this majestic Iowa Buck was donated by a friend who saw him in a very unlikely setting....What a sight ! To repeat my self again. Important Points to Remember
  1. Temperatures are dropping, the wind is picking up. Ah, guess I need to be in the opposite direction from the prevailing wind so scent won't carry.
  2. Hide! That is another point that needs work on my part, be invisible.
  3. Be patient . Stop thinking about everything else that I could be doing.( I know you never have anything else to do...)

Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer . Soon this deer season will be over and I will have gained more knowledge. Just need to learn to put it to beneficial use ...