Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Great Question

Recently, I was asked about the firearms that Iowa allows in the hunt for the white-tailed deer. Myself, I have only used a 20 guage shotgun for the deer, pheasant, and turkey hunts. Following is a synopsis of what I found posted on the Iowa DNR website: Pages- 5, 21-29, 36 Page 5- gives us a chart of the different 2007 seasons and 2007 Anterless Quotas for Resident Hunters. Page 36- tells about the Nonresident Deer Hunting Zones and allowed Nonresident Anterless-only license Quotas if you are able to get one. So, what I have found is that the only exception allowed to use a crossbow or handgun is if you have some disability making it impossible to use a shotgun, muzzleloader, or compound bow. It is possible to use a center-fire rifle,.24 guage or larger in certain circumstances. The special January Anterless-only season in the following lower tier counties gives you a chance to use higher powered equipment. The following counties are eligible for this special waiver: Mills, Fremont, Montgomery,Page, Adams, Taylor, Union, Ringgold,Clarke, Decatur, Lucas,Wayne,Monroe, Appanoose, Wapello, Davis, Jefferson, Van Buren, Henry, Lee, and DesMoines.The map on Page 36 gives you location information if you should have an interest to explore the possibilities ... ; )


Arthur said...

Here in Michigan we have similar stipulations in order to use a crossbow.

Anyone can use them during the firearm season, but you must have a disability in order to use them during the archery season.

We also have Rifle areas and shotgun areas. In my area of the state I cannot use a rifle. Not for deer hunting anyway.

Just thought I would share.

CDGardens said...

Arthur- Thank you for sharing. I appreciate knowing about what works in other parts of the country and surrounding states.

I'm not able to rifle hunt deer either in my area.

Othmar Vohringer said...

As more and more states make the crossbow legal for all hunters I guess it will just be a matter of time until all states make crossbows legal. It’s about high time too. Whatever has been said against the crossbow is nothing but a heap of opinion making from interest groups that fear the crossbow as competition. Crossbows are a very effective hunting weapon, comparable to the compound bow.

-Othmar Vohringer-

CDGardens said...

Othmar - Crossbows are ancient methods of protection or hunting as you probably know already .

It would be great if we could get them back into more frequent use for hunting. Had a neighbor lady in the past that was proficient in the art of deer hunting with the crossbow.

Thanks for your in input.