Sunday, September 30, 2007

Last Day in "The Hills"

The decision to limit time on the road was made this morning,Saturday, September 22nd. What was necessary a trip to Rushmore Mall.RushMoreMall(click for larger image) Specifically to the Scheels store to checkout prices for some comparison shopping to get ready for the seasons I will be hunting here in Iowa. ;)Rapid City Scheels(click for larger image) After gathering a few costs Hubby and I were off to the hair boutique to get his name put on the list. Supposed to have been a 20 minute wait. Well, an 1 3/4 later he got his turn to get his sparsely populated locks evened up. Next on the list - Time to visit a store we stumbled upon called "All Wild and Western". Picked up some postcards , birthday card, and checked out some timber furniture. Really neat furniture! Those events scratched off the "To Do" list we headed out for the last planned "Have To Do" diversion in Rapid City. Come on back to see what the "Have To Do" diversion happened to be...

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