Sunday, December 30, 2007

Special Deer Season Results

The Iowa DNR has published the tallied results for the special deer season declared to run on December 21st-23rd. It appears even with the additional season doe counts still need to be reduced according to the projected management numbers. Opening day for the season started off extremely foggy and ended no better than it began.

I did go out on Friday...Saturday morning we spent trying to determine whether we would brave the weather conditions after noon to travel 40+ miles one way for a late afternoon family Christmas. The concern was the return trip home for everyone after dark with the wind whipping up the newly fallen snow. Sunday morning was again a decision making period for another trip to another family Christmas. There was blowing snow and slick spots to navigate in places, otherwise the day was sunny and bright. On our way home from Sunday's Christmas gathering the sun was beginning to set. I looked over to our right, saw a pick-up truck leaving a cornfield with two orange clad riders. My thought imme-diately went to wonder at what they were able to achieve on the close of another hunting season here in Iowa. Feeling a little bit of disappointment that I wasn't closing the day in the same way; brought back the memories of the time that was spent outside, and the future that will yield more opportunities...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

On the Trail Again

May not be getting out to hunt deer until next year, but I certainly will get to see where and when those creatures are moving with my new Moultrie Game Spy D40 trail cameras. My sweet Hubby did the Christmas shopping to enable me to keep track of the wildlife in our neighborhood. It is really a challenge to decide what locations I want to watch the most.

Looks like at a future point I will get to post photos of interest. Really want to see what will be caught that we don't see by merely walking the property. I have appreciated seeing some pictures by other trail cameras posted by Simply Outdoors, Nature Knitter, and Inside Iowa Hunting. If you have a few minutes on one of these winter evenings and you need something to do - might checkout these websites for pictures and good writing .

Thursday, December 20, 2007

BassPro Shop Announces New Construction

The BassPro Shop Outdoor supply company has issued an announcement on December 18th,for the people of Iowa. Construction of a retail outlet will begin in Altoona a suburb east of Des Moines. It will be an anchor store of a new development expected to open in early 2009. BassPro Shop

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Wishing you a holiday season filled with happy hours and a new year filled with happy days. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
Please share with me in viewing this You Tube video titled-
"God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"
Hope you have enjoyed the video.

One more thing before you go...Rex over at Deer Camp Blog has paid his blogging community friends a high honor by including them with his eternally antagonistic,pain in the side,"Thunderhoof",in a Christmas Greeting on December 12th. Really is a great job of photo cropping. Please go over and check out his writing at the Christmas Place Plantation Hunting Club from down "on the edge of the Mississipi Delta"...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

End of Shotgun Season II

Today ended another season for deer shotgun hunters in Iowa. The temperatures started off around 10 degrees this morning, wind speed was almost nothing, left over attached oak leaves lightly rustled when a breeze passed. I didn't go out before sunrise because I was headed for an area with dense brush and didn't want to trip over fallen trees. Made it to my new location around 8:15. My decision to go out was spurred by seeing a buck and some young moving around 7:30. There wasn't any disappointment when it came to seeing deer. Several close calls. One occasion occurred when someone in the neighbor's field sent a bunch of deer running somewhat in my direction. A very small fawn came within 20 feet of me. The others, including a 10 point buck, were probably in target range if the brush wouldn't have been so dense. Trying to head them off before they all took off for far away destinations wasn't successful. I went back to my original position for awhile longer. Hoping they would re-group and pass either closer behind me or on a well worn path to the front of me, neither of which happened. While I was out there were two separate times a shotgun was fired to the south of me, the second closer than the first. I always wonder just how far away they actually are from my locations. Since I came away without a deer, according to the new ruling by the Iowa DNR, on Friday, December 21st thru Sunday the 23rd, I can use my tag to attempt to gain a doe. Family holiday plans are scheduled during that time period, but you can be assured I am looking for some time in the timber again. Don't want to wait another year to try again. Who knows?!? Could be if there were more guys on the other side of the ravine, and somebody to the north, the deer would find their way in front of me... The muzzleloaders will be out and about to start their season tomorrow, December 17th. Happy Hunting !

Friday, December 14, 2007

Additional Deer Season Declared by IDNR

December 13th, at their meeting in Des Moines, IA., the Commisioners at the Department of Natural Resources added an additional deer season to run December 21- 23. This season will be anterless-only and will run concurrently with the second muzzleloader season that begins on December 17th and was to have ended January 10th,2008. Now, the muzzleloader hunters will have an extension of three more days because their has been some opinions of feeling slighted by the timing of this new effort to manage the number of deer. They sited the reason of lower reported deer numbers taken since the beginning of past seasons ,starting with bow. Weather too has been a factor in people not getting out to ply their skill or desire to fill the tags. It appears the management is considered crucial for them to declare more days. Some concerns that have already been voiced by all hunters is the safety factor with bow,muzzleloader, shotgun, and handgun all legal in this short concentrated time span. If you should be apart of this hunting season please watch out for yourself, and the other person who may not be looking out for anybody but themselves.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Beginning Deer Shotgun Season II

Saturday, December 8th, began the second deer shotgun season here in Iowa. I was up and out early. Positioned myself where there had been previous success and constant deer pressure. That is until this morning. Saw one nice buck following his nose very quickly in the opposite direction, never being within range. Changed places after an hour and a half. Walked to the edge of our yard facing the south ravine. Unbelievably there were three deer laying down, but not for long after hearing me coming. I was astounded they would feel comfortable there with all the hunting going on a quarter of a mile to the west. Spent time working on getting the the pick-up and tractor more prepared for the down right cold weather that had over taken the state. Sunday, I stayed inside but I was constantly running to the window. Should have gotten dressed up in all my layers and at least walked around outside. Monday, was a day for working on some little knitting projects to get ready for Christmas. Tuesday, the 11th, brought freezing rain and snow. Deer travel patterns continued to go on the same routes they had taken for the last three days. Wednesday, tolerable weather has arrived. Out the door I went before daylight to capitalize on observations for the last three days, bundled up in so many layers I could hardly move. Stealthy movement wasn't possible. The ice from yesterday left a crunchy surface - with each step crunches and crackling resounded in the otherwise silent atmosphere. I was watching 2 bucks battling over a doe when Hubby came out of the house, warmed up the pick-up, chipped off the ice, and disturbed the activity I had been watching for at least 5 minutes if not longer. Trying to send out mental vibes to draw those 4-legged creatures closer in my direction,it wasn't to be. After they left, so did I. The intent today was to spend a great deal of time outside; 9:30 A.M. arrived , there wasn't activity of any kind, plans changed. 3:00 P.M. rolled around, time to bundle up for the evening migration. Headed out to the first place I started this morning...It wasn't until 4:37, I heard crunching and crackling in the vicinity. Still over on the other side of the fence - like this morning . The doe hopped the fence over a rise so all I heard were the elements underfoot. She circled around and went back over to the other side. Dark was swiftly coming, thought it best to be getting on the way in to the house . If I'd have waited probably less than 5 minutes I may have had a chance at 3 various sized does. They had started on one of the paths dissecting the pasture. As it goes they live another day... Local News Reports have the Iowa DNR considering a special season for this seasons license holders due to the bad weather that has taken away some of the hunting chances. The reporter said the DNR reported 34,000 less deer taken than anticipated at that point in time. Includes the Bow, first Muzzleloader, one shotgun and part of another shotgun season. The tentative dates for the special hunt to be considered at the December 13th, meeting are December 21-23. Holiday plans will probably not allow me to take part if these dates are put into action. Would like to hear some hunting stories for those who do get to participate if they pass the amendment to the dates.

I do have through the 16th that I could be out and about. So I will not be closing down any possibilities...nothing like an 11th hour story to take us into deer season next year.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Synopsis of Shotgun Season One

Day 2 - B-R-R-R...Not in a hurry to get outside. I did get all ready and out the door. Reaching the end of the house I heard a gun go off in my north pasture...then another shot close to the same area. The shots belonged to my mentor/neighbor. Hubby and I found out later he had gotten a doe and a buck. We helped him get them loaded into his pickup. Here is a picture of a savvy hunter and his buck for this season. Later in the day he came back and got another doe.
I spent 2 1/2 hours total sitting in below zero wind chills,no close activity. Time to go in and try to get warmed up. My prize for the day was to see the success of my mentor/neighbor. Day 3 - Didn't head out the door until the afternoon, was out for 4 hours. Mentor/neighbor showed up again was between me and the deer in that particular location . He shot at one at 4:40 p.m., figured everything was said and done at that point so I came into the house . Day 4 - Spent time on the south side of our property. My all the fresh tracks in the slush. Did some tracking of the human kind. I did find one set of boot tracks headed south from our middle ravine, definitely not mine. Melting and re-freezing puts the impressions made between Sunday or Monday, when extra close gunshots were heard. Sent the deer scurrying to the north , where they like to congregate behind the garden. Arriving back to the house was the cue for them to take off at a gallop as I opened the pick-up door. Sat for a while close to the back where the deer were earlier. Saw four does, but my movement was detected by the first, "About Face -Forward RUNNNNNNN!" Golly gee...I would have been a happy hunter if the shot had hit just one. I'm thinking about one of those ground blinds Dana over at The Wild WoodsWoman has been talking about. A way to be concealed out of the elements, almost a home away from home. Last Day - Went out before sunrise. Scared a couple of shapes away from their grazing spaces. After daylight as I was trying to move to stay warm I saw a doe turn and run, an awesome buck that didn't want to stick around for more attention...I packed it up and went back to the house. I continued to watch out the windows and doors, sighting deer after 11:00 - got dressed and ready to sneak again. Spent time watching them gather out of range and running as fast as they could go to elude the enemy after being pursued for so long. While I was out I heard the elusive turkey calls ringing through the ravine valley...5 days after their season ended. Didn't remain outside. I needed to do other things to get ready for bad weather coming. Don't want to be out on the road running errands when it has the possibility of repeating last weekend. The days end was beautiful, ending the same way as last year. Wind had died down, the sun was setting, and a few deer were seen in a distance... with none finding their way into our freezer.
Onto season 2 !

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Opening Day of Shotgun Deer Season in Iowa

What a day ! The snow started spitting well before daylight, flakes getting bigger and more abundant as the time came to be getting into the timber. 6:50 AM rolled around ,I went out the back door to start my quest for a deer, only to have the wind whip the door out of my hand. It crashed against the rail to the steps . The thought crossed my mind that the deer standing out in the cornfield wouldn't be there by the time I got around the house . There were three fawns and three does. The fawns took off early...then the does decided the open field wasn't for them either. Half a mile down the drive there was a pickup surveying the deer activity... After the does took a route towards the neighbor's hunting plot I went back to commonly traveled paths. Stood in a couple of spots within 50 yards of each other. Heard lots of guns shots not far away, none were my own. My choice to go inside came when the freezing rain coated my gun barrel with ice. My double layer mossy oak hunters mitten/shooting gloves weren't able to keep my hands warm any longer... Got back into the house after 8:00 and ran to the window several more times, hearing guns going off , wondering what the die hards were actually achieving by staying outside being pelted by freezing rain and ice pellets. More power to them! My landowners tag allows me to hunt either December 1-5th , or December 8-16th, if I don't claim a deer in the first season . I will be back after MY deer come tomorrow....