Thursday, December 27, 2007

On the Trail Again

May not be getting out to hunt deer until next year, but I certainly will get to see where and when those creatures are moving with my new Moultrie Game Spy D40 trail cameras. My sweet Hubby did the Christmas shopping to enable me to keep track of the wildlife in our neighborhood. It is really a challenge to decide what locations I want to watch the most.

Looks like at a future point I will get to post photos of interest. Really want to see what will be caught that we don't see by merely walking the property. I have appreciated seeing some pictures by other trail cameras posted by Simply Outdoors, Nature Knitter, and Inside Iowa Hunting. If you have a few minutes on one of these winter evenings and you need something to do - might checkout these websites for pictures and good writing .


SimplyOutdoors said...

Thanks for the link and you will love the cams you got. They are exactly what I use and worth every penny.

They might not be as expensive as some, but they provide decent pictures and date and time stamping and give you a nice idea of what is around.

I'm looking forward to seeing what they produce.

CDGardens said...

simplyoutdoors- Thank you for the opinion on the camera.

Yes, I believe too
from what I have seen of your pictures, it is totally acceptable. Will be looking for more of your pictures as well.

deerPhD said...

I'm definitely jealous!

CDGardens said...

deerPHD - Will be glad to share pictures with you until you find a place to put up some cameras to get pictures of your own.;)

Windyridge said...

Great gifts. One day I'd like to have one. Looking forward to hearing what they snap.

CDGardens said...

windyridge - Thanks! I would be really interested in seeing what you have hanging around your place come the day you get a camera.

threecollie said...

A game cam is something we have been wishing for for a couple of years. A couple of bloggers I read have them and they get some pretty amazing photos.

CDGardens said...

threecollie - Hope you are able to get a trail
camera too.

I believe it will be fun to see what is running around where you can't be all the time.

Yes, I have seen some really neat pictures on the web from cameras as well. Glad to see what others are finding
"outback". ;)