Monday, January 8, 2007

Checkin' Back In

Did you have a good holiday ? We had a nice visit to North Dakota at the New Year. Got to experience some winter weather the day after our arrival . We woke up to falling snow on Saturday December 30th. It was accumulating on everything before our outing to Fargo . As we traveled to Fargo the weather had several changes. There was the mix between snow/rain, sleet/ice, freezing rain then to all liquid by the time we got to our destination at the "Fargo Air Museum". Spending not more than three hours in Fargo was a good idea! Our return to Valley City was really interesting as we retraced our tracks westward the weather had become more intense in our absence. Visibility declined even more just a mile west of Valley City where our family continued on their trek to reach home to the delight of their three doggie kids; Kahlua, Peaches and Peaches' son Champ. The Pheasant season has not concluded here in Iowa yet. By Wednesday the 10th it will be time to allow the population to have a chance to re-coup. I don't know of anyone who took any roosters from the adjacent area, not to say there wasn't success. Had to laugh this morning as I viewed the bean field outside my house. The rooster pheasant that comes at 8:20 to feed daily, more or less was running from his entrance point to the cover of longer foliage in the pasture on the other side. He was trying to avoid the attention he had received from the gun the last three days. Yes , It's true! He still lives to run the neighborhood... Haven't opened my Christmas present from my husband yet but I do know that it is a shotgun...Others have openly asked me how I like my "new shotgun"? I just smile and tell them " don't know I haven't opened it yet ; )" It isn't as if I won't get to use it this year...just not for another 9 1/2 months.