Monday, March 12, 2007


Good Morning All! I am so excited about this you can guess why. Time to get some work done outside. The yard needs to be picked up after the storm damage of the last couple of weeks. The snow is melting . The migratory birds are making their way over our airspace, going north. What a sight to see! Recently, I have started receiving e-mails from a guy named P.K. Jacobsen he has an information site associated with Deer Hunting. Some of you may have heard of him; I know I have before now....Read his sales letter. Trying to get me ready for next season. His suggestions sound great. I appreciate what he is trying to do. You can read and read, which I have done, but actually putting to use what we have read enhances our experiences. As I sit here writing the deer are beginning to come home to the timber to go to eat and go to bed. This group I see were born last summer and will be parents next year. What a number I expect will be produced! Sorry, I interrupted the train of thought. Just wanted to comment on current activity. The snow covering of the last two weeks brought about a lot more extended stays in the yard around the house by both turkey and deer. Almost greater than your imagination. OK, back to business. ; ) However, there may some extenuating circumstances that directly determine success of a hunter. In my case it has come to my attention may be the type of shot I have chosen to use. Another possibility is the the gun itself. The next seasons will be better for me. My Christmas present, a Remington 870 Youth Express, will improve reliability of shot aimed in the direction of my target. This summer will be a learning time to see how well I can get to know the firearm before actually putting it to use. Spring Turkey season isn't far away here in Iowa. Just might get my landowners license and give the "new gun" a workout. Saw some rooster pheasants scampering across the fields. Hope their nesting spots will be safe from the over flow of melting snow. All of us who want a chance to bag our limit this fall wish them good conditions this spring for a good breeding season. Time to start getting activities of daily living underway here for today. Later folks ....have a super week!