Monday, April 16, 2007

Can I say "Is it Spring yet?"

Are you still recovering from the latest round of winter\spring weather? Monday evening, April 9th, I had a group of the local deer population visit my backyard while some of the local neighbor ladies were here for a visit. They marveled at how close they, the deer, had come to the house. Things I take for granted. All the deer, young and old, need a good dose of the fresh spring green grasses that will boost their nitrogen. The winter has put a strain on food sources; weight loss is evident. Wednesday, April 11th, Iowa was among several states getting another covering of snow. Maybe not the higher amounts seen in Minnesota eastward; still enough to cover the ground with several inches in the central section to 5" and above up at our northern border. Before going to bed Wednesday night, we checked out the shadows lurking outside our sliding glass doors, several deer were scratching away the snow in my flowerbed. The daffodils are missing top foliage which had been damaged by lower than normal temperatures. Glad somebody was able to enjoy them -- one way or another ; ) Thursday, April 12th, snapped a picture of our melting snow with animal tracks before they disappeared with rising temperatures. The sun came out from behind the clouds... The sun promises to warm up this little section of Iowa today. I know it will work on doing the same for you. Later!