Monday, August 20, 2007

Meeting Like Minds

Last month I found an internet community over at MyBlogLog. Then I typed in "Deer Hunting" in the search box. WooHoo! Hit the jackpot! Certainly many types of blogs on the same topic, different styles of writing. All had the general consensus from women and men that hunting is one avenue to get back to nature - a clan activity. Hunters go off to bring home the prey and have a story to relate of their experiences. Love it! ; ) We all like to have success stories of hitting the target whether it be big game or the little varmints that can make life a system of potholes. Be it by handgun,shotgun, rifle, bow, or trap in the case of our trapping cohorts. I will continue to be mult-faceted at "Timber Life", but this is a favorite topic of conversation. Wrapping things up for this post I would like to mention some of the new contacts I have made...If I don't get them all please keep checking back to the links list - you will see them posted there. Please take time to go over and check out these websites. I have found some instruction on hunting as well as some giggles. Thanks for stopping by! New Links