Monday, September 3, 2007

"Brothers of the Rack"

The rush of having sited some good looking White-tail bucks in the yard brings on the desire to once again try my hand at getting to the outback come December 1st-5th (first) or December 8th-16th (second) shotgun seasons here in Iowa. Bow seasons are from Ocotber 1st-November 30th and then again December 17th,2007 - January 10th,2008 Yes, there are some antlerless hunts later but you have to get in early since the license availabilty is determined by county --whatever the IDNR decides is a target number. First special anterless season falls from November 23rd - 25th and the second comes after the new year January 11th - 27th,2008, both being Iowa residents only. As you can see the season change is starting to become evident in the color change of the deer hair. Here at this link you will find some great information about the specifics that come as apart of getting to know them better. The why it is the way it is - Hope to see you around later. Have a great day!