Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Great Question

Recently, I was asked about the firearms that Iowa allows in the hunt for the white-tailed deer. Myself, I have only used a 20 guage shotgun for the deer, pheasant, and turkey hunts. Following is a synopsis of what I found posted on the Iowa DNR website: Pages- 5, 21-29, 36 Page 5- gives us a chart of the different 2007 seasons and 2007 Anterless Quotas for Resident Hunters. Page 36- tells about the Nonresident Deer Hunting Zones and allowed Nonresident Anterless-only license Quotas if you are able to get one. So, what I have found is that the only exception allowed to use a crossbow or handgun is if you have some disability making it impossible to use a shotgun, muzzleloader, or compound bow. It is possible to use a center-fire rifle,.24 guage or larger in certain circumstances. The special January Anterless-only season in the following lower tier counties gives you a chance to use higher powered equipment. The following counties are eligible for this special waiver: Mills, Fremont, Montgomery,Page, Adams, Taylor, Union, Ringgold,Clarke, Decatur, Lucas,Wayne,Monroe, Appanoose, Wapello, Davis, Jefferson, Van Buren, Henry, Lee, and DesMoines.The map on Page 36 gives you location information if you should have an interest to explore the possibilities ... ; )