Saturday, October 13, 2007

Buck on the Rut?

While standing at the kitchen sink last night around 5:30, I had the opportunity to watch the white tail deer community interaction. There were does, fawns and a two year old buck. The buck was checking out the surroundings by raising his head to test the air, went from deer to deer and visited the places the does had stood to browse the grass and tree leaves. Must be getting close to rutting. Before the light of day disappeared totally, I saw 5 or 6 does running from one field to another, not seeing what was in pursuit I can only imagine a buck had sent them scurrying.The signs of the season to begin ? Head for the hills and fields to snag your prize. For those who have had success in filling your current seasons tag. Congratulations! Let us hear your story... Iowa Deer Hunting Seasons Youth aged 15 or younger & Severely Disabled - Sept. 15th - 30th Deer (Bow only) Oct. 1st - Nov. 30th -- Dec. 17 th - Jan.1oth,2008 Muzzleloader : Oct.13th - Oct. 21st -- Dec.17th - Jan. 10th,2008 Shotgun : Dec. 1st - 5th (first) - Dec. 8th - 16th (second) November Anterless Only: Nov. 23rd - 25th *Non-Resident Muzzleloader Holiday Season Anterless Deer only*: Dec. 24th - Jan.2,2008