Monday, November 12, 2007

Bobcat or Lynx?

Darrell over at presented his readers with a picture of a member of the cat family. He and a friend found this animal while they were out on a Turkey hunt. Made me curious after I assumed it was a Bobcat ; being aware they have growing populations in the southern Missouri area from previous research. However, the suggestion of the possibility it might be a Lynx by Kristine sparked a need for me to look further. When I started the search for more information I found an animal control company located in Sarcoxie, MO., west of Springfield, on Interstate 44. Both Bobcat ,and Lynx, were included in the list of pests they were licensed to handle if they become a nuisance. Looks like we can draw from that, both populations do exist simultaneously in that part of the country. Maybe ,with more of us visiting the woodlands, we will have more chances to catch animals like this unexpectedly, as their presence expands throughout the country.