Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bobcat Hunting in Iowa

Iowa is having it's first Bobcat hunting season which runs from November 3, 2007 thru January 31, 2008. The Iowa DNR has estimated numbers of the elusive animal at 3,000 - 4,000, possibly higher . Reports say the heaviest concentrations exist over 2/3rds of the state, mainly in the southern tiers of counties and in the southwest area of the state know as the Loess Hills. However, sightings have been recorded in all 99 counties at this time. Bobcat population expansion in Iowa has been directly associated to the Missouri group moving northward by wildlife officials. Limit for this year has been set at 150 . They can be taken by either by trapping or firearm. A specific fur harvester's license is required whether or not you already hold a regular small game license. Each license entitles the holder to take one animal. As of November 9th, the state quota was already well on it's way to being filled for this season, 56 have been taken. Updates to numbers are posted at the IowaDNR website, or by calling the main office. Officials state that only 2 out of the 52 bobcats that have been radio collared for tracking were among the animals being reported as killed so far. None of the 12 tagged individuals had showed an appearance as of this writing. Public assistance has been requested in southern Iowa by Iowa State University to get an idea of how visible the Bobcats have become. The results of this year's hunt will give DNR officials information about how to proceed for future management decisions.

How Many Days Left?

How many days left for what you muse? Well yes, we have Thanksgiving coming up next week. One of the nicest holidays we can share with our family and friends. For Hubby and me, we are off to North Dakota to visit our daughter, and her husband. This time we are going to travel with our oldest daughter, and her family. The first time they have been able to go visit up North for a holiday. I still get to cook. ;) So, to answer the question ,"How Many Days Left?" Click below to find out how long we have left 'til the holiday we have set aside to bestow on others our heartfelt desire to give of ourselves...
Countdown to Christmas