Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Observations at Timber Life

Walking fence perimeters during our mild temperatures revealed nothing but what had been around when you weren't looking.
Trail Evidence
Living in a timber as I do you would think that it would constantly be teaming with animal life everywhere you look, all the time; not necessarily so. Some days the timber appears absolutely empty. Continuing to the interior of what we call the south side brought more deer paths resembling interstate thoroughfares and secondary highways. In evidence were new scrapes and rubs that had just been done a short time before my arrival. The purpose for my rambling was to listen for possible location of turkey, pheasant, and to observe deer present at the late after-noon hour. I was only able to get information on the latter. Scared up two, year old does, sent them scurrying across the ravine, running as fast as they could to get away. Moving westward along the trail I eventually found one nice buck with other does and family groups. Headed back to my transportation to sit and observe longer. The deer family groups kept vascillating between the tree line that extends in between two cornfields and the heavier timber being so willingly seeded by the Black Locust and Cottonwood trees.
Between the Fields
I cannot say I see the difference between walking and not walking the trails,making a human scent presence. The only difference I see is after any gun season starts. More on other observations about differences in animal activities from this year to past experiences at a later time.