Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Beginning Deer Shotgun Season II

Saturday, December 8th, began the second deer shotgun season here in Iowa. I was up and out early. Positioned myself where there had been previous success and constant deer pressure. That is until this morning. Saw one nice buck following his nose very quickly in the opposite direction, never being within range. Changed places after an hour and a half. Walked to the edge of our yard facing the south ravine. Unbelievably there were three deer laying down, but not for long after hearing me coming. I was astounded they would feel comfortable there with all the hunting going on a quarter of a mile to the west. Spent time working on getting the the pick-up and tractor more prepared for the down right cold weather that had over taken the state. Sunday, I stayed inside but I was constantly running to the window. Should have gotten dressed up in all my layers and at least walked around outside. Monday, was a day for working on some little knitting projects to get ready for Christmas. Tuesday, the 11th, brought freezing rain and snow. Deer travel patterns continued to go on the same routes they had taken for the last three days. Wednesday, tolerable weather has arrived. Out the door I went before daylight to capitalize on observations for the last three days, bundled up in so many layers I could hardly move. Stealthy movement wasn't possible. The ice from yesterday left a crunchy surface - with each step crunches and crackling resounded in the otherwise silent atmosphere. I was watching 2 bucks battling over a doe when Hubby came out of the house, warmed up the pick-up, chipped off the ice, and disturbed the activity I had been watching for at least 5 minutes if not longer. Trying to send out mental vibes to draw those 4-legged creatures closer in my direction,it wasn't to be. After they left, so did I. The intent today was to spend a great deal of time outside; 9:30 A.M. arrived , there wasn't activity of any kind, plans changed. 3:00 P.M. rolled around, time to bundle up for the evening migration. Headed out to the first place I started this morning...It wasn't until 4:37, I heard crunching and crackling in the vicinity. Still over on the other side of the fence - like this morning . The doe hopped the fence over a rise so all I heard were the elements underfoot. She circled around and went back over to the other side. Dark was swiftly coming, thought it best to be getting on the way in to the house . If I'd have waited probably less than 5 minutes I may have had a chance at 3 various sized does. They had started on one of the paths dissecting the pasture. As it goes they live another day... Local News Reports have the Iowa DNR considering a special season for this seasons license holders due to the bad weather that has taken away some of the hunting chances. The reporter said the DNR reported 34,000 less deer taken than anticipated at that point in time. Includes the Bow, first Muzzleloader, one shotgun and part of another shotgun season. The tentative dates for the special hunt to be considered at the December 13th, meeting are December 21-23. Holiday plans will probably not allow me to take part if these dates are put into action. Would like to hear some hunting stories for those who do get to participate if they pass the amendment to the dates.

I do have through the 16th that I could be out and about. So I will not be closing down any possibilities...nothing like an 11th hour story to take us into deer season next year.