Friday, December 14, 2007

Additional Deer Season Declared by IDNR

December 13th, at their meeting in Des Moines, IA., the Commisioners at the Department of Natural Resources added an additional deer season to run December 21- 23. This season will be anterless-only and will run concurrently with the second muzzleloader season that begins on December 17th and was to have ended January 10th,2008. Now, the muzzleloader hunters will have an extension of three more days because their has been some opinions of feeling slighted by the timing of this new effort to manage the number of deer. They sited the reason of lower reported deer numbers taken since the beginning of past seasons ,starting with bow. Weather too has been a factor in people not getting out to ply their skill or desire to fill the tags. It appears the management is considered crucial for them to declare more days. Some concerns that have already been voiced by all hunters is the safety factor with bow,muzzleloader, shotgun, and handgun all legal in this short concentrated time span. If you should be apart of this hunting season please watch out for yourself, and the other person who may not be looking out for anybody but themselves.