Sunday, December 16, 2007

End of Shotgun Season II

Today ended another season for deer shotgun hunters in Iowa. The temperatures started off around 10 degrees this morning, wind speed was almost nothing, left over attached oak leaves lightly rustled when a breeze passed. I didn't go out before sunrise because I was headed for an area with dense brush and didn't want to trip over fallen trees. Made it to my new location around 8:15. My decision to go out was spurred by seeing a buck and some young moving around 7:30. There wasn't any disappointment when it came to seeing deer. Several close calls. One occasion occurred when someone in the neighbor's field sent a bunch of deer running somewhat in my direction. A very small fawn came within 20 feet of me. The others, including a 10 point buck, were probably in target range if the brush wouldn't have been so dense. Trying to head them off before they all took off for far away destinations wasn't successful. I went back to my original position for awhile longer. Hoping they would re-group and pass either closer behind me or on a well worn path to the front of me, neither of which happened. While I was out there were two separate times a shotgun was fired to the south of me, the second closer than the first. I always wonder just how far away they actually are from my locations. Since I came away without a deer, according to the new ruling by the Iowa DNR, on Friday, December 21st thru Sunday the 23rd, I can use my tag to attempt to gain a doe. Family holiday plans are scheduled during that time period, but you can be assured I am looking for some time in the timber again. Don't want to wait another year to try again. Who knows?!? Could be if there were more guys on the other side of the ravine, and somebody to the north, the deer would find their way in front of me... The muzzleloaders will be out and about to start their season tomorrow, December 17th. Happy Hunting !