Friday, February 29, 2008

Opening Day Iowa Deer Classic

February 29,2008, 3 P.M- 9:00 P.M. - Hy-vee Hall Iowa Events Center, downtown Des Moines. Today turned out to be a bright spot in the week. The weather seemed to know how important it was for all the huntresses and hunters to make their way to find out the best approaches to enjoying the pursuit of the Whitetail Deer. Those attending ranged in age from the the tiny ones being pushed in the stroller(what a great start!), to those who had many stories to tell of the one that didn't get away. This being my first event, I was impressed by the mix of vendors and outfitters ready to make some positive memories happen for those interested in going beyond the borders of the state. For those of you who are still interested in getting to check things out you can do just that today, March 1st, from 9A.M.- 7P.M. Then again on Sunday, March 2nd, the closing day, from 9A.M. - 4P.M. Check back because I will have more to share about the seminars and a few products I found interesting. Until then...have a nice day!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What Do You See?

I had my trail cameras out during some relatively warm evenings,comparatively speaking, to try to catch the culprits invading our space again... Some of you may remember from last summer,August 23,2007 to be exact, the anxiety I was expressing when 4 individuals of this species were trying to find their way into our home via the sliding glass door one very early morning. It brought back memories of my threat of a showdown like that seen at the "OK Corral"~~~

Monday, February 25, 2008

Iowa Deer Classic

The 10th Iowa Deer Classic, is coming up the end of this week at Hy-Vee Hall Iowa Events Center in downtown Des Moines, on February 29th - March 2nd,2008. It is an event that I have not yet attended and decided that this WOULD be my year. Friday night looks like the time I will capitalize on , "Ladies get in free"... They have some super attractions lined up and some seminars that are meant to enlighten those of us just starting to take trailing the Whitetail more seriously. Two well known names in the field of Whitetail archery hunting, that hail from Mt. Pleasant, in the southeast corner of this state,Lee and Tiffany Lakosky. They will be doing some seminars answering questions for novices and seasoned hunters, who would like to know about the techniques they find most advantageous. There are other folks worth mentioning as well. Another Iowan, who has made his mark in the Olympic Archery arena, Rod White. Then Byron Ferguson known for his longbow skills and Matt Morrett of World Champion Turkey calling fame. All will be adding insight into their specialties - what it takes to achieve the results they have experienced. Not to put words into their mouths, but I see it as "focus, determination, and hard work." The formula to reach goals of any kind. The weather has started off frightful again this week but there is a bright spot shining at the end. Yes, the Iowa Deer Classic exhibitors and some great attractions to help tide us over until the next seasons...which by the way have been tentatively set by the DNR for the 2008-2009 season. The final decision will come in June.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lunar Eclipse Reminder

It is almost time for those interested in moon gazing to catch its disappearing act that I first mentioned on January 31st - Eclipse News 2008. Hope the weather will leave the sky clear for the viewing in your area...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Dilemma of the Feline Kind

There has been a flashback of sorts from last last November over at Alpha Trilogy. When Darrell found an unidentified feline on one of his trips to the timber for a hunt. Now comes another case - this time in December, three friends in the Northwest Iowa town of Newell, came upon an atypical animal for the area. Terry and Dale Pedersen, cousins, had been working at a farm 2 miles South of Newell, near the Raccoon River; when friend Mike Heinrich came to pick them up . They all proceeded to a field where Heinrich had seen a big animal. At first the animal was laying low in the field 300 yards away when the trio arrived...Terry's impression was that it was a coyote. After it stood and turned sideways they were sure Mike's sighting was that of a Mountain Lion. The length, height of the body, and size of the tail made it easier to put a name to the creature. Terry proceeded to take pictures which he turned into the Iowa DNR in an effort to report and get verification for what they had witnessed. The Iowa DNR is telling the guys that it was a housecat that they saw crossing the field. Ron Andrews,a DNR wildlife specialist, sought out experts in the field at the Eastern Cougar Network, after initially believing it was a big cat, himself. It is Ron Andrew's job to debunk rumors of Mountain Lion habitation in the state. There have been a return of sightings reported since 1995. Terry Pedersen and Newell residents couldn't believe the eventual deciphering of the picture. The friends have since done some optical tests themselves to determine how a housecat would be photographed at the same distance and zoom settings on the camera used to catch the larger feline a couple months ago. John Carlson a Des Moines Register reporter had this to say about the sighting a few months ago and the current opinion given by the DNR. The picture John took can also be seen here. The IowaDNR will be implementing a method used by the MissouriDNR of using cardboard cutouts in the actual size of mature cougars to either prove or disprove the Newell Mountain Lion. In their eyes anyway.
Confirmed Mountain Lion Reports in Iowa 1995-2004
Numerous additional sightings have been reported, but are not mapped because of less than credible information. 1. Lyon County, December 1995: Cougar tracks confirmed by Iowa Department of Natural Resources personnel. 2. Webster County, April 2001: Cougar tracks confirmed by the IDNR personnel. 3. Jasper County, April 2001: A mountain lion was killed by a car, however this was not reported until later. When this animal was exhumed, it was found to have been declawed indicating an animal that was captive at one time. 4. Shely County, August 2001: A 130 lb. male cougar was killed by a car near the town of Harlan. Physical evidence indicated wild origin. 5. Allamakee County, September 2001: Cougar tracks confirmed by IDNR personnel. 6. Cherokee County, October 2001: Cougar tracks confirmed by IDNR personnel. 7. Carroll County, December 2001: Carroll County Conservation personnel visually sighted a mountain lion. 8. Ringgold County, December 2001: IDNR personnel confirmed a mountain lion sighting. Mountain lion tracks and scat were found at the site. 9. Fremont County, January 2001: Confirmed mountain lion sighting. 10. Monona County, April 2002: Confirmed mountain lion sighting. 11. Sioux County, October 2003: Farmers shot and killed a 113 lb. male cougar near Ireton. Analysis of the carcass and stomach contents indicates probably wild origin. 12. Wayne County, January 2004: A hunter killed a male mountain lion near Chariton. It was estimated to be between 1 1/2 and 2 years old (an age when mountain lions are trying to establish a home range). 13. Lucas County, February 2004: IDNR personnel confirmed a mountain lion track south of the town of Lucas. Source: Ron Andrews, Iowa Department of Natural Resources furbearer biologist, August 2004. 1-641-357-3517. Eastern Cougar Net August 2004. October 2004 - confirmed photo from Marshall County. The latter , Marshall County sighting, was on a trail camera within a 25 minute drive from my place, and 3 1/2 years ago. Although time has passed, everytime I am in the timber I look for any unusual activities, footprints, or sounds... Be Alert!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Ah, So Sweet...

If you stopped by last Thursday you heard here at Timber Life that plans for a Valentine's evening were almost complete. Hubby stopped off at the store to get some pomegranite-blueberry juice and some ginger ale. A combination that you wouldn't think that works good together. Let me tell you, I do like it, and will offer it to guests if I get the chance. My sweetheart brought home some sweets that I can't ever remember having before...Can you guess what that could be? Chocolate dipped strawberries, not a frequent off the shelf type of delight. He went through an ordeal to get them , so it made the taste all the sweeter. Ah, what we won't do for Love. Then after he got home we emptied out the big styrofoam cooler that contained our full supper. It was wonderful!

- Cooler Inventory -
1. Single White 6" candle with holder 2. Butter warmer with a small container of butter 3. Pouch of Lobster Bisque(absolutely a wonderful appetizer) 4. 2 Filet Mignon (really tender and tastey) 5. 2 Live Lobsters(easy to prepare) 6. 6 Teton Cakes(three different flavors X 2) This is our list of delights; of course you can add what ever you like to make it a complete delectable dining experience. After supper we toddled from the table to the couch to enjoy our movie. Dishes were stacked waiting for clean-up later. Hubby let me know that he had enjoyed the evening. So nice to do something that makes for good memories... I have read about some nice Valentine's Day celebrations and the introduction of a new title for the day by some singles over at Hunt Smart Think Safety. Another way of spinning the positive. Ah, So Sweet...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sweethearts Day...What's the Plan?

Oh my! Oh my!! Oh my!!! Here it is already.( tongue in cheek) Have a year to get ready for SweetHearts Day , and it isn't until the last minute plans are finally coming together. Sure, things have been formulating in the back of my mind for several years about how I wanted things to proceed at some future celebration. Well, I decided this would be the year...Putting all tottering between "Should I or Shouldn't I?", aside. Shopping online made things a little easier for me at Timber Life - no going out in the cold. As the Hunter's Wife mentioned she loves her computer in comment#6. So Do I! My computer gives me a lot of information and a sense of community. Running from place to place to compare prices for product provided just doesn't appeal to me. I let my fingers do the searching. Monday, off to, I got a movie Hubby and I went to see in the theater for our anniversary two years ago. A bit of nostalgia. I had it delivered to the place he works...was to arrive Wednesday, it did according to package tracking, but he didn't get it until this morning. Tuesday, it was time to prepare for the way into my man's heart through his stomach. It would be so much easier to go out and pay someone else to do the dishes you say. Sometimes it is fun to do the cooking at home. So, I traveled over to a live lobster website to pick out a complete meal for two. I saw so many great company's advertising their wares; maybe there will be another evening planned in the off season. As I check the clock, any minute now the tasty morsels should be arriving at Hubby's workplace according to the daily schedule of the delivery service. I'll let you know how things turnout. Hope everyone has something in the plans for today...Happy Valentines!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Whitetail Freaks

Picture this - Sunday , February 10,2008 , 1:00 P.M. Central Standard Time - the weather outside is uninviting. The television was on but NOTHING seemed to fit the entertainment need at the time. Hubby wasn't interested in watching the "Pro Bowl Game", we had caught the more important game last weekend . I took the remote in hand, taking my turn to seek boredom relief... Decided to flip over to Directv's channel #606, have been finding myself catching a few shows over at the Outdoor Channel these days...Well, what do you know?!? I came upon a show that highlighted a couple fellow Iowans. Bet you have heard of them too. The people I refer to co-host theThompson/Center's Whitetail Freaks. , Don and Kandi Kisky , from Leon, a small town in the southern part of the state. They have made themselves positive influences in bow and gun hunting worlds. Loved the fact that they have developed their hunting interest as a team. They share the vigilent tasks of creating the optimum fall experiences on their private land. Search for sheds, and constant observation, gives them an edge come the seasons. It was interesting to see the cameras with an enhanced sound detection device and the field cameras positioned to catch all kinds of activity. The footage of buck antlers in velvet rising above a summer time food plot,and mixed groups parading before trail cameras, brought some of the same excitement you would feel if they were actually walking in front of your blind or tree stand. Ah, the art of visualization. My recommendation would be to check out The Outdoor Channel for some intriguing winter distractions. One being Thompson/Center's Whitetail Freaks.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mountaintop Removal Education

"Alright kids, May I have your attention please?" As the teacher stands before the 7th grade class Anywhere, USA. Today, we are going to examine a method of coal mining that is affecting the lives of fellow American citizens in Kentucky, Tennesee, Virginia and West Virginia. The strategy for mining in these areas have evolved from conventional strip mining to something called mountaintop removal. An environmentally destructive practice that eliminates quality of life for wildlife and humankind alike. Minimal reclamation of stripped mountaintops have occured because of accessibility difficulties and the initial inhospitable environments that are created by the by-products of the mining projects. Upon reading about long term studies of soil composition at the immediate mountaintop mine site - it appears after several decades it does once again have the ability to sustain vegetation. However, I argue"Why would we want to wait that long for a return to some form of normalcy?" Please go see what is being said over at about a man named Larry Gibson also referred to as "gatekeeper", and the part he is playing in educating the public on this devastating deconstruction of the flora ,fauna, and communities. He is just one of many talking about what is happening in his neck of the woods. Thanks to Denny at Backwoods Drifter for bringing forward this earth shattering issue. I knew of these concerns several years ago because of environmental tidbits you catch on the concerned me then and needless to say it concerns me now. Having many voices speaking out in unison against this method may or may not make a difference in the future of the way business and government will react, sadly to say. The crusade continues... The one thing that is important in my opinion is to keep seeking organizations with clout, politicians that can be your voice to stand in the State and Federal arenas. Marian at Marian's Hunting Stories etc.,etc.,etc... has joined an advocacy movement in making people aware of how to become an influential individual for the cause of protecting the Appalachian homelands. She is inviting others to join her in making a difference. I, for one, believe we need to leave the terrain of the land the way it was made. Something to consider in your own backyard...if business and governement can allow this to happen for so many years in these states. What could you be facing at the hands of local, state, or federal entities on your home-front?...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"The Excellent Blog Award II"

This is the second edition from Timber Life(click to read the first edition) on presenting authors in the blog world with recognition. I will be pointing attention to some blogs that may not have had recent posts for quite some time, but I liked what the writer has said. Many that faithfully bring their readers thoughtful, or entertaining perceptions of their personal life experiences. If you have some time, most of the following writers are apart of my RSS Feed or Blog Roll, maybe they will become apart of your's too if they aren't already - Alphatriology Black Bear Blog Deer Camp Blog deerPHd Huntin' Junky Hunting Life Marian's Hunting Stories, etc..etc... Outdoor Bloggers Summit - Hunt Smart Think Safety Outdoors with Othmar Vorhinger Simply Outdoors Tails and Trails The Buck Hunters Blog The Hunter's Wife The Shed Antler The Trout Hunters Blog The Wild WoodsWoman Upland Feathers

Visiting these folks and clicking on their Blog Rolls opens other windows in the 'Net. May be this gives you an idea of just how hard it is to actually name everyone that deserves to place "The Excellent Blog Award" on their site...

Friday, February 1, 2008

Jesus Christ Superstar Musical Review

How many of you grew up in the era of Ted Neeley, portraying Jesus in the movie"Jesus Christ Superstar?" For those of you who think nostalgically of this cinematic production, I am with you... Ok, I will put a year on it, 1973 if you'd like to know. A very controversial movie when it came out because of the artistic license taken in the depiction of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I don't have a problem with it, because I know what the Bible says on the issues. It came to the attention of our daughter's that the musical would be making a stop in central Iowa. So, for a Christmas present, they provided 2 tickets to Ted Neeley's farewell tour of Jesus Christ Superstar. The weather seemed to cooperate , no difficult commutes to attend the venue. Everything went off without a hitch - We really enjoyed the musical talents of all the actors, but of course there were those that seemed to standout. Ted Neeley, a very talented artist at age 64, still able to hit the high notes... Corey Glover, gave a wonderful performance as "Judas Iscariot". Aaron Fuksa, aka "King Herod" created some comical interactions with the audience upon arrival of his character, continuing to connect the crowd to the stage. Craig Sculli used his talent in the convincing portrayal of "Pontius Pilate." I was able to feel his pain of indecision and the ultimate choice he made. Want to know if it will be playing close to your neighborhood, click here.

It is my opinion that if you like musicals you would like this one. The choreographic expertise has all the individuals working seamlessly to present a well rehearsed production.