Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lunar Eclipse Reminder

It is almost time for those interested in moon gazing to catch its disappearing act that I first mentioned on January 31st - Eclipse News 2008. Hope the weather will leave the sky clear for the viewing in your area...


Anonymous said...

It was cloudy here so I didn't see it. Probably just as well it was cloudy, it was also terribly cold. Standing outside to see the eclipse would have probably caused me to be frozen.

For those who did see it, was it cool?

CDGardens said...

kristine - Thanks for letting me know how things turned out for you.

We started getting clouds before the moon rose. It did come out around 7:00. It wasn't visible in our location of Iowa in the partial phase of the process so I didn't continue to check.

The only time I actually opened the door to look out was the two times to check to see what was happening.

An hour after the whole process was complete the sky finally cleared and the moon was shining brightly. What a let down!

Oh well.;)

The Hunter's Wife said...

I was fast asleep. But heard it was cloudy in our area as well.

CDGardens said...

The Hunter's Wife - Looks like we will have to wait a couple of years before another chance of a full lunar eclipse will present itself.

Not sure I have a calendar that goes that far yet.

Glad to hear you are getting some rest. Hope you are feeling better.