Monday, February 11, 2008

Whitetail Freaks

Picture this - Sunday , February 10,2008 , 1:00 P.M. Central Standard Time - the weather outside is uninviting. The television was on but NOTHING seemed to fit the entertainment need at the time. Hubby wasn't interested in watching the "Pro Bowl Game", we had caught the more important game last weekend . I took the remote in hand, taking my turn to seek boredom relief... Decided to flip over to Directv's channel #606, have been finding myself catching a few shows over at the Outdoor Channel these days...Well, what do you know?!? I came upon a show that highlighted a couple fellow Iowans. Bet you have heard of them too. The people I refer to co-host theThompson/Center's Whitetail Freaks. , Don and Kandi Kisky , from Leon, a small town in the southern part of the state. They have made themselves positive influences in bow and gun hunting worlds. Loved the fact that they have developed their hunting interest as a team. They share the vigilent tasks of creating the optimum fall experiences on their private land. Search for sheds, and constant observation, gives them an edge come the seasons. It was interesting to see the cameras with an enhanced sound detection device and the field cameras positioned to catch all kinds of activity. The footage of buck antlers in velvet rising above a summer time food plot,and mixed groups parading before trail cameras, brought some of the same excitement you would feel if they were actually walking in front of your blind or tree stand. Ah, the art of visualization. My recommendation would be to check out The Outdoor Channel for some intriguing winter distractions. One being Thompson/Center's Whitetail Freaks.


SimplyOutdoors said...

I have came across that show a couple of times and I love The Outdoor Channel, but I honestly don't get enough time to watch it as I would like.

It does have some good programs though.

CDGardens said...

simplyoutdoors - I wouldn't worry about missing watching television. As I see it there are other things that are more beneficial.

It does fill the noise factor if you spend hours alone.

I have seen other shows on The Outdoor Channel that are good, but the ONLY one I make an effort to watch is Ted Nugent's
"Spirit of the Wild."

SimplyOutdoors said...

Oh my gosh. I love Nugent! A lot of people put off by him, but he just seems to have a passion for life and outdoors that few other people have.

If you enjoy him, and you haven't already, you should pick up one of his books as well.

CDGardens said...

simplyoutdoors - Yes,Ted has a passion for the outdoors that comes across on the camera.

Thanks for the input on his book. I have been visiting his website for awhile...