Friday, March 28, 2008

Garden Dreams

This is the time of year gardeners are getting a need to play in the dirt...I am among them. Thus the name CDGardens... Last year,I didn't cultivate my deeply ingrained need to start plants from seed. Through the winter the seed offers me the best option of continuing to be productive. To watch life spring forth, mature, and then return to the earth. Table of plants 2006 In the past I used to start seeds way back in January. My kitchen became a jungle as the plants needed to be given more potting mix to maintain its health and continue to grow.By the time spring arrived I was ready to empty out the house. As soon as I placed the plants outside,it wasn't long until they were chewed off by one animal,or another. Then of course I felt great loss,because in just a few days all my work had been reduced to wilted heaps. Eventually, I built some fences to try to keep marauders of all sizes at bay. For a brief moment it worked. That is until the rabbits decided to go over the top of the rabbit wire at the base of the fence in the big garden, and under the gate of the little garden, even with a board across the bottom. You can surely say, "Where there is a Will - There is a WAY." The wildlife aren't doing things to be mean. They are looking for an easy source of nourishment. More times than not, the rabbits would chew the plant mat-erial in two, realizing afterward they really don't find the taste all that appealing. Little critters either smelled or saw fresh greens . BLESS their Pea Pickin' hearts!!! Happens year after year...They have a lapse of memory. My gardening dreams still continue in spite of set backs, because it seems to come from deep within the heart of me - so I continue on with determination. The Farmer/Huntress syndrome?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Time

Spring time ...Guess, I should wipe my glasses off to see if it changes the view. Nope, nope... That didn't change the view any. Still see that white stuff filling the air and covering the ground.

I must be thankful for what we are seeing as far as weather goes. So many people have had to face tornadoes, flooding, and feet of snow in parts of our country. My heart goes out to those touched by recent disaster. I know that fortitude, family, and friends will be the way that the challenges for each new day will be faced. So, now that the picture was taken the snow is subsiding ...maybe even a little melting going on.

Yesterday I was out picking up limbs and raking...

The Joys of Spring!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Feeling the Pain

Denny, at Backwoods Drifter ,is sharing with us some intense emotion about the destruction of local flora and fauna with the practice of mountaintop removal for the purpose of coal mining. Now,it is reaching his own backyard, so to speak. It is definitely a hard thing to pass through when EVERY thing familiar is going to be rearranged,scarred, and have no rhyme or reason for years to come, maybe never. Trees,animals,rivers,buildings, and people all take a beating in situations where the practice of dynamiting away huge rock surfaces becomes the norm to reach an end result. Human nature has a way of ignoring the situation when it doesn't want to face the facts. Either on the side of the commercial entity - turning a blind eye to the people's lives that are irrevocably damaged, or the residents of the affected areas that shove it under the rug in the backs of their minds - telling themselves it "won't happen to us." My hope is that big business can start being up-front with the populations in the areas where they plan their next excavation. Or is that EXplosion ? In closing, there are many issues that can lead us to become proactive about the spaces that we live in. I hope that somewhere along the mountain road each group involved can find a solution that will satisfy the needs of both...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Antler on a Tree

Antler on a Tree you say... Now what in the world could that possibly mean?!? Had some fun exploring recently. Took a climb up a huge staircase, behind a mountain, in the back middle of the interior of a store we see spoken of quite frequently on this blogspot.Cabela's Mountain These antlers have long since parted company with the original owners. Imagine they may have been procured from antler auctions like those that took place at Dubuque,IA., at the 7th Annual Whitetail Classic Sport Show & Antler Auction ,this month. Antler Tree Only seeing these creations online or in catalogs didn't have the same effect as getting up close. My imagination went back to the beginning when the antler was still attached to the Whitetail "Big Buck", or in the case of Moose or Elk "Big Bull", sporting it high above his head. Were there some reindeer antler in there too? Moose ChandelierCaribou Chandelier For some reason my mind wanders to the question"how many dogs would be using an antler table lamp for a chew toy given the opportunity?" Antler Lamps Looks like something I wouldn't mind including in a cabin setting - to dream of the future... Do you own antler art, other than the trophy bucks hanging on the wall?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Writings by Linda K. Burch

Last week I met a very vivacious huntress by the name of Linda K. Burch. She began her hunting passion when she was 37 years old, that was 18 years ago. Linda comes across as a positive go getter. Since our introduction I have been reading her writings to gain a more complete picture of who she is and where her articles are published. She has started her own safety supply company with items you might be familiar with - "Firetacks" products for marking trails. A women that lives and breathes hunting, Linda has done some writing for Her range runs from instructional to humorous.

Once again we are reaching a time of year where outside activities are increasing. If you have a minute to bookmark Linda's writings, I believe you will find entertainment, and tips to checkout after those tiring trips to the timber. She is a Christian woman with a positive voice for the proliferation of the art of ethical hunting in the world of women today...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Should We Eat the Fish?

The advisories are beginning to surface here in Iowa about the consumption of fish caught in parts of our rivers and lakes. Largemouth Bass have been found to carry high levels of mercury in their tissue on examination by the tests conducted for the Iowa DNR, click here for more specific information. Predator fish species are being included with some sports fish categories. The Iowa DNR,in association with the Iowa Department of Public Health, have developed a site that will inform the fishermen and women. Letting them know what fish are being effected and what locations to watch for the fish concerned with the consumption limitations can be found. It probably isn't a problem exclusive to Iowa. Checking with your local authorities may point out some fish you should consider eating limited quantities of. That is not to say you should curtail your fishing activities;the terms "Catch and Release" come to mind. The weather is changing and Spring is on the way...Get out there and have a great time!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Fishing

It isn't going to be long now until it is time to be out on the lake, or river, looking for some exciting tussles with those finned fighters. Went to Cabela's to hear a woman angler speak of her experiences and association but found she wasn't able to attend the Spring Outdoor weekend after making our trip of 2 hours 40 minutes northward. Hubby and I decided to head over to the fishing section anyway where we did get in on part of an informative seminar by Mike Frisch. The seminar was titled -"Early Season Walleyes in the Shadow Seasons." He was speaking about what he has found beneficial in his love of snagging the Spring Walleye. Mr. Frisch went as far as laying out his specific method of fishing a favorite lake on the Minnesota/North Dakota border. The scenario was how to locate the schools of fish after days of high winds out of the Northwest at this time of the year. He told us he found them on the backsides of land outcroppings after the wind died down. Walleyes are generally lazy fish looking for food to float by them while they lay in the currents. I don't know how many of you use GPS systems to locate bottom formations to find likely fishing hot spots but it was something that came up during the seminar. Mike does use it to maximize his time on the lakes. He covered what baits and lines he used for in the Spring. In closing his seminar Mr. Frisch told those in attendance when the Spring Walleyes quit biting he is off to fish Bass... What are your stories or tips for fishing Walleyes?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Linda K. Burch at Cabela's Spring Outdoors Days

Today, I would like to introduce you to a very vivacious huntress. Someone I became acquainted with via an excursion to one of the outdoor suppliers I like to visit. A lady sold on getting women into the outdoors to tackle both archery and gun seasons... Linda K. Burch, Executive Director of Women Hunters. Hubby and I got to visit with Linda exclusively for almost two hours as she was setting up for the Turkey and Bear Hunting seminars at our local Cabela's at Owatonna,MN. She introduced us to some neat pictures of her adventures and DVDs of both Turkey and Bear hunts of herself and a few male compatriots. Turkey calling became apart of the seminar syllabus. Oh boy! Hubby took to the slate and mouth calls a whole lot better than I did. Now, I have something to practice on before the season comes. Need to be getting out there to find where they are sleeping. Linda, is a of this writing I haven't had an opportunity to read any of her articles, but I will certainly let you know what I find... As a part of introducing you to Linda I have a True Timber Camo Turkey Hunt She participated in down in Georgia. Hope you enjoy. Disclaimer: In no way am I being compensated for the publication of this video on my blog. It is being put here for the sole purpose of sharing one person's positive hunting results , an inspiration for the upcoming season.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Outdoors Days at Cabela's

This week in my e-mail box I received notification from one of my outdoor supplies providers - that they would be having some informational and hands-on workshops. Twenty-six stores of the Cabela's Retail outlets will be hosting Cabela's Spring Outdoors Days. The location closest to me at Owatonna,MN. will be starting their first weekend event at 11:00 AM, Saturday March 15th,2008. If you aren't able to make it on Saturday they will have repeat events from 1:00 - 4:00 PM on Sunday the 16th. Then again the following weekend there are activities planned. Just wish they were closer so it would be easier to hangout and take in the information in the seminars. The events are getting everybody going on fishing, which if you haven't done yet with ice fishing, you probably will be gearing up for Spring and Summer. Ladies, they are getting some guest speakers for us too. Shannon Hentges from the Women Anglers Association will be there to enlighten those able to attend. She is a lady who can tell you some exciting experiences she has had in fishing ,and about being apart of a women's Angler's association. Shannon will be able to tell you how you can get started with fishing because of her long time association with the sport. 1:00 p.m.(both Saturday and Sunday) Location:Great Lakes Conference Room. A representative from the Women Hunters Organization, Linda Burch will be available to relate her adventures in Spring Turkey or Bear Hunting - Some of her accomplishments will be presented in an informal seminar. She will also tell you about the Women Hunters organization she belongs to and how you can also get in on some of the adventures and fun. 2:00 p.m. (both Saturday and Sunday gatherings are at the same time and location) Location: From the front entrance, take the left wood walkway to the fishing department on the left. I, for one, have plans to attend to keep working towards my goal to become a more complete outdoors woman. Maybe I will see you there!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Seminar Report

Local co-host of WHO radio's Sportsman's Notebook and field editor for the Iowa Sportsman magazine Ron Kuntz, moderated the weekend seminars featuring Lee and Tiffany Lakosky, at the Iowa Deer Classic on the Hunter's Specialties Stage. The Lakoskys along with Matt Morett and Ron White fielded some questions after introducing themselves. Lee, a trained Chemical Engineer and Tiffany, a flight attendant for Northwest Airlines met in Minnepolis, MN. The couple became aquainted at an archery shop where Lee was employeed. Tiffany said her family was into fishing and Lee's family enjoyed hunting. Six years ago Lee invited Tiffany on a hunt. She declined the first invitation, but on the second invitation she agreed to go to see if she would like it. Well, as things worked out she brought down a 6 point buck her first shot. From that moment until now she says that is her trophy buck because of the circumstances that surrounded its take. After that hunting trip Tiffany was hooked both on the hunting experience and on Lee. The joint decision to buy land, and move south to Iowa, to continue the deer hunting passion brought them south five years ago. They now own 3,500 acres in the Mount Pleasant area in Henry county. The floor was opened by Ron to a few questions focused in the direction of Lee. A question was asked concerning being able to determine the difference in appearance of a 6 year old buck in comparison with a 3-4 year old buck. Lee responded that he likes checking out the neck and shoulder structure. Most older bucks have a larger mass over the whole body but the neck and shoulders are much thicker under the influence of hormones in the rut, than are the younger bucks. Then he made a point that they may be the first to lose their antlers with declining hormones and stress during the later seasons. He commented that caution should be practiced in the "Doe only"season, individuals traveling alone are most likely anterless males, females usually still have fawns at their side. Great points which I observed more this past season myself. The discussion turned to Lee's love of watching the deer from the couples bedroom late at night on the infrared trail camera over the food plot closest to the house. A big supporter of all season feeding, the Lakoskys have 72 seperate plots of various sizes. When asked about filming their show they revealed how long it could take to get the right shot, to make enough good material. Hunting is a full-time job for this young couple. They hunt 100 days a year. These people eat, breathe, and sleep ethical whitetail deer management in an effort to bring healthy specimens to their hunts and for the future generations to come...

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Iowa Deer Classic Main Exhibit Hall

It has been a week ago now since the Iowa Deer Classic came to Hy-Vee Hall. The second seminar attended was again at the Hunter's Specialties Stage at 7:30 P.M., February 29th. Being the instigator of the trip, trying to find the people that hold high profile positions brought by the OutDoor Channel- I kept hunting. Didn't need the exhibit hall floorplan,just kept checking out the booths. Had a great time seeing what was available...Looking at the picture you can see success was mine. Both couples that have become household names here at Timber Life signing autographs! From left to right, Lee and Tiffany Lakosky of "Gettin' Close!" based at Mt. Pleasant, IA and Kandi and Don Kisky of "Whitetail Freaks" out of Leon, IA. Checkout my next post of the discussion that happened at the Seminar. I found it very interesting and running paralell to what has been discussed here on the 'Net. Hope you will have time to stop in again.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What Do You See?

There is another picture I would like to get your point of view on. It came back in January when we were plagued by some foggy days and nights. You will have to concentrate for a little while before your eyes will become accustomed to what you are looking at, or maybe not... Are you able to see it? These little critters have had their moments in making our life interesting when they decide they want a place to set-up housekeeping, mainly in the winter months. I keep reminding myself we moved into their territory not the other way around. We just made it easier to find a warmer place to get comfy-cozy...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Byron Ferguson Iowa Deer Classic Seminar

As Hubby and I walked the display floor opening day of the Iowa Deer Classic, Friday afternoon, we found Mr. Ferguson's booth pre-seminar. A very interesting display of what he has to offer the public to inform and promote the skill of longbow archery. If you aren't familiar with his talent and would like to know more about him, please slide your mouse over the picture below for his web url.
Byron Ferguson, a very skilled longbow archer, brought his talents to the Hunter's Specialties Stage at the 2008 Iowa Deer Classic.

Here he is taking some time between shots to tell the audience what got him started in archery, and the experiences that have challenged him through the years. He provided 30 minutes of fun filled entertainment. If you ever have the chance to see Mr. Ferguson demonstrate his trick shot abilities in person it will be well worth your time.

Monday, March 3, 2008

One Spring Day

One Spring Day...That being said I must cringe with the abrupt change that developed in mid-afternoon Sunday.

Earlier Sunday it had turned off very balmy. Our snowpack was heading into the watery realm. I was pleased at how much reduction we had seen over the weekend.
The first sighting of Robins came,I looked out after Hubby pointed my attention in the direction of the front yard.My heart skipped with joy at the meaning of the moment. Spring was not far off. However, I do know that the male Robins usually show up late February to set their territories, not unusual for more winter weather once they get here. Other migrating birds have been making their way back as well. A couple of weeks ago a meadowlark was perched on an electric wire, some mourning doves were caught resting in the middle of the gravel road at the end of our drive. Grand-daughter Alexa and I saw waterbirds winging their way northward Sunday morning,they were looking for a place to sit and rest.
Oh BLAST! The clouds started filling in around 1:00, taking on the moisture laden dark color associated with rain. Good news though the precipitation didn't arrive until half past three. Things declined from there as the Alberta Clipper chased away the warming effects from the south. Once again it looks like cold through the week with a token promise of warmer temperatures come the weekend...When will it stay?