Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm SO Lonely...Oh So Lonely...

The song by the Beach Boys, "I'm So Lonely"... came to mind as I looked out the window and saw this turkey wandering around without any hens to accompany him in his ramblings about the timber. I snuck out the back door after turning the sound down on the television. Opened the door slowly, and made sure I didn't make a real heavy noise on the wooden steps that sit low for my short legs.

No!No!!! I didn't go out with a gun, or a bow. The camera was in hand. He had made another foray through the yard around noon a couple days before. Caught a glimpse of his side profile,then tail feathers as he was exiting. Must have heard me rambling around the house or saw motion by the windows. He is in a hurry now wanted to head for denser cover. To much attention from the non-turkey sector. It didn't take him long to get beyond my view. The weather remains unsettled ,but so far no more snow here. Just the forecast for more unneeded rain. It didn't come to mind in my hurry to get pictures, to try out my turkey calling skill, or lack there-of ,on this wayward Tom...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Garden Plant Update

The plants are liking their location by the window. I can see changes everyday. I am able to switch the plants around during the day to help make the stems stronger as they are drawn back and forth. The larger plants were seeded on March 19th. The peppers and eggplants were seeded at the same time, but it took them the normal 21 day range for them to sprout; their size is equivalent to the tomatoes I seeded on April 4th. I had some sweet potatoes left over from what a friend gave me last fall. They have been trying to sprout so I stuck them in a soil less potting medium. I broke one sprout off and placed in a plant cell, it developed roots very quickly. This is the first time I have tried this so I'm having a good time learning from instructions I have found on the 'Net.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We're Expecting!

We're expecting here at Timber Life. Not quite the same kind of news to share as Arthur, at SimplyOutdoors, and his wife,Jen, who are to become first time parents in October, but the closest I will get to becoming a parent to a little "crumb cruncher" again. I am keeping my eyes tuned to baby updates from lower Michigan... At Easter time I made the choice to start looking for a puppy - soon to be hunting companion. I have the "Gun Dog" DVD on the way from a purchase I made on E-bay.This is going to be a personal experience; to train and bring out the natural hunting talents of my little English Springer Spaniel as she grows up. Oh ! Did I mention she is a little girl??? Yes, we are going to pick up our puppy from Countryside Kennels located at Madison,SD. She won't be old enough to be separated from her dog family for another couple of weeks. So, you can guess how anxious I will be when the time finally arrives to bring her back to Iowa.

Monday, April 21, 2008

"I'll Be Back!"

Where's the Bugs
I'll Be BACK!" Is what I heard last year when some masked bandits found it entertaining to sit at my sliding glass door, trying to shred the insect screen to gain passage into the great beyond. I'm sure it looked really inviting...So many things to get into. Even a pot of soil or two to dig through - bringing back memories of those DELICIOUS little grubs that are really tastey come that time of year. The light from the computer may have added a dimension of curiousity for the already curious characters. Shut the Lights Off Caught You The raccoons aren't tiny anymore...I prophesy bunches of new babies in about a month. Hubby getting field camera's for me as Christmas gifts has given me some extra eyes to see what's passing by in the wee hours of the morning.Moultrie Trail Cameras

Friday, April 18, 2008


Sitting here at my desk this morning after 4:30 I felt shaking and a little rolling of our house. My chair and desk were shaking,paper in the printer was vibrating...WHEW!!! I live in a mobile home presently and from one end to the other we have an elevation. Stacked concrete blocks were placed under the axells to level the structure. The first thought was that the increased ground moisture had made the blocks settle further into the ground under the weight of the building. Then the report came over the early morning local news that the USGS had reported a 5.4 earthquake at West Salem,IL. located on the New Madrid Fault line. My research on the USGS website revealed the exact locations that experienced the tumbler directly. SELECT EARTHQUAKE LOCATION DATE TIME MAGNITUDE 22 miles SSE of Olney, Illinois (ID hwb0418a) APR 18 2008 04:36:59 CDT 5.4 21 miles SW of Vincennes, Indiana (ID 2008qza6) APR 18 2008 04:36:58 CDT 5.2 19 miles SSE of Olney, Illinois (ID 851141) APR 18 2008 04:36:57 CDT 5.4 Hey Folks ! How many of you felt the earth move this morning???

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rapid City Cabela's News

According to the Rapid City Journal, Cabela's will be hiring as many as 150 sales associates to man/woman their new store. Beginning next week, Tuesday, April 22nd, thru Saturday, April 26th, anyone interested in becoming apart of the sales staff can apply. The store is going to be managed by the company's first ever female general manager by the name of Mary Bollock. She has been apart of the Cabela's experience since 2000 as an associate in the hunting department of the only other store in South Dakota , located at Mitchell. She has held various positions in her lifetime. Before starting with the Cabela's company she was a member of the air national guard and held the distinction of "first female weapons loader" in South Dakota. She worked with her husband in a family business before working as a supervisor for the Boyd's Gun stock factory in Mitchell. She is an avid hunter and fisher woman, bringing her hobby skills with her into the job, as do many of her co-workers. Mary, was quoted as saying"I am thrilled to be leading a team of dedicated employees in one of the most beautiful parts of the country." In my opinion she sounds like a positive influence in the world of the hunting supplier... Cabela's.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The"Eyes" Have It !

Sunday, April 13th, I changed the location of one of the field cameras to the back of the garden. Deer activity is always busy back there so I decided to get pictures. What has been comical is the up close, curious attitudes of some of the brown, four-legged creatures.
Eye LevelThis picture was caught back in January, in a place not far from the one on Sunday. I have shared it before, but it's entertainment value continues to make me laugh...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Up Up and AWAY!!!!!!

Pedal Faster...PEDAL FASTER!!! The weather has brought out the birds of all kinds. Those that come by it naturally, and one that has decided to defy gravity with an engine, flaps, and rudder. This is the second flight of the year - originating from our home grass strip. The plane is my Hubby's concept creation taken from an actual WWI French Voisin Bomber.
UP UP and AWAY!!!!

The goal is for Hubby to finish flying off the required 40 hours within a 25 mile radius of the home base since he received his inspection by an agent of the FAA. He has 8 hours to go. There are some extended trips in the works after he proves the plane airworthy. Three destinations in fact. He would like to head to Columbia,MO. to an event called "Salute to Veterans 2008", in a little over a month from now, Memorial Day weekend. A friend from the"Kansas City Dawn Patrol" has submitted Hubby's plane for presentation, so of course he wants to be able to follow through. Then a trip to Gardener,KS. over the Father's Day weekend to the home base of "The Kansas City Dawn Patrol", and the last seriously considered , most important flight, off to the Experimental Aircraft Air Adventure 2008. If things work out for him he will point the plane in the direction of OshKosh, WI. the last week of July into August. Ah...Land ;) All of his future plans depend on weather conditions, because he doesn't ever plan on taking the plane apart again to trailer it from place to place. For now he is watching the weather, and wind, trying to get in every minute he can to get those 8 hours put into the past...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Birds, Birds, and MORE Birds!

Look what the warmer temperatures are bringing north. Grackles on the WingBirds, Birds, and MORE Birds!Can You Count Them?Trees Full? Twice a year we experience over populations of a bird called the Common Grackle. Migrations from the far north to the south in the fall and back again this time of year. So, after snapping the pictures above, there was a pair of birds that seemed to be walking around looking things over. Placing human values on their activity; it was if they were checking out the surroundings in an effort to find suitable accommodations. We have had geese in the neighborhood for years, because of a pond they adopt for raising a family on their return from the south, but until now, they have only visited the surrounding fields.
Canadian Geese Guests
It wasn't long after I got this picture they felt the need to flee, hmmm... or is that fly?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Water Quality Concerns

Iowa water quality is being put to the test... Sample results of spring runoff in the State's waterways have led officials to look at farming practices on frozen ground. Measurements beginning the first part of March, when periods of snowmelt were being experienced, showed some increased ammonia levels in municipal water systems. According to The Des Moines Register, the capital city of Iowa, Des Moines, which uses the Raccoon River, to provide drinking water needed to implement auxillary plans to keep up supplies for all its constituents. Researching the issue has opened other avenues of why we are seeing conditions on our lakes and rivers that have influenced oxygen supplies for our fish. I don't want to infringe on copywritten information. So, to be safe I will give you the urls I found particulary informative. These sources may not have Iowa based information. However, they clearly spell out what I would like to share, about the science behind some of the problems we experience in the Spring after ice and snow melts.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Part of Big Garden seen from the back doorAPRIL Showers...Bring MAY flowers! Well, it started off with showers this morning. The contrast from today to tomorrow, and beyond is that we are going to be seeing the sun and get up to the upper 50's and beyond. HURRAY!!! Junco FeastingThis little Junco was the only bird that would sit still long enough for me to take its picture. Had the WHOLE suet cake to himself. The bluejays,cardinals, chick-a-dees, downy and hairy woodpeckers, red bellied sapsuckers,and nuthatches all took flight when the backdoor swung open ...

Snowflakes keep fallin' on my head ;)

Pictures for the photo album..."Remember the last Iowa Spring snow on April 3rd, 2008. " Famous last words?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Deer Meat Recall

The Iowa DNR issued a warning to the people in the State that benefit from the HUSH Program(Help Us Stop Hunger). Distribution of donated ground deer meat has been halted until officials get the all clear from the tests being done at the State Hygenic Lab in Ankeny, IA.. Residents of Iowa are still waiting for releases to be made for the charities to begin using the meat again. People with private supplies should not become alarmed and dispose of the meat needlessly. This came after Health officials in North Dakota sent out a recall Wednesday, March 26th. Being tipped off by two Bismarck doctors they x-rayed 95 packages of donated deer meat and found 53 of the packages carried metal fragments. Minnesota, decided to follow the lead of the other two states in temporarily withholding pounds of protein that charity groups depend on to help cover the needs of the needy. It has been pointed out that Iowa hunters primarily use shotguns for hunting whitetail. Our North Dakota, co-horts however are allowed to use high-powered rifles, lead tipped high-velocity bullets. RECALL UPDATE: After testing the donated deer meat Iowa Officials have found only two incidents of a tiny amount of lead fragments. The supply has been cleared for public consumption once again as of April 1st,2008.