Monday, April 7, 2008

Water Quality Concerns

Iowa water quality is being put to the test... Sample results of spring runoff in the State's waterways have led officials to look at farming practices on frozen ground. Measurements beginning the first part of March, when periods of snowmelt were being experienced, showed some increased ammonia levels in municipal water systems. According to The Des Moines Register, the capital city of Iowa, Des Moines, which uses the Raccoon River, to provide drinking water needed to implement auxillary plans to keep up supplies for all its constituents. Researching the issue has opened other avenues of why we are seeing conditions on our lakes and rivers that have influenced oxygen supplies for our fish. I don't want to infringe on copywritten information. So, to be safe I will give you the urls I found particulary informative. These sources may not have Iowa based information. However, they clearly spell out what I would like to share, about the science behind some of the problems we experience in the Spring after ice and snow melts.


Windyridge said...

I think it's ok to quote as long as you give credit.
There are other water quality issues where they are now finding drug residue and hormones in city water suplies because people take so many drugs.

CDGardens said...

windyridge- Yes, we are having far reaching effects on a precious commodity,water. I can't say that all the human does taints nature, but with science manipulating gene pools, I am not so sure we won't be having some major situations in the future. Then it could be to late to reverse.

Thanks, I will keep that in mind about copywritten material.