Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We're Expecting!

We're expecting here at Timber Life. Not quite the same kind of news to share as Arthur, at SimplyOutdoors, and his wife,Jen, who are to become first time parents in October, but the closest I will get to becoming a parent to a little "crumb cruncher" again. I am keeping my eyes tuned to baby updates from lower Michigan... At Easter time I made the choice to start looking for a puppy - soon to be hunting companion. I have the "Gun Dog" DVD on the way from a purchase I made on E-bay.This is going to be a personal experience; to train and bring out the natural hunting talents of my little English Springer Spaniel as she grows up. Oh ! Did I mention she is a little girl??? Yes, we are going to pick up our puppy from Countryside Kennels located at Madison,SD. She won't be old enough to be separated from her dog family for another couple of weeks. So, you can guess how anxious I will be when the time finally arrives to bring her back to Iowa.


Windyridge said...

How exciting. Good luck! We toyed with the idea of a similar hunting dog but I just don't think we would have the time to train it. Our lab will flush a bird or two now and then.

CDGardens said...

windyridge - Thanks! I am hoping that having a dog presence in the house will make the critters who are invading our space think twice before doing so in the future.

Getting a puppy has been on my heart more seriously since last summer.

My daughter has two labs , a mother,and son. I love 'em. The mother,
Peaches,has a way that seems like she is conversing with you when you talk to her. ;)

SimplyOutdoors said...

Dogs are great. I'll give ya mine.

No I'm kidding. They are great, but they can sure be a handful at times.

Good luck with the new puppy. When do we get to see pictures? When she finally comes home?

Thanks for the link too.

CDGardens said...

simplyoutdoors - In order not to jinx things I am going to wait on pictures for a couple of weeks.

We plan to visit her on our way to North Dakota on May 2nd. I'll get pictures then. She won't be able to come home until after May 13th.

I am going to call her "Sadie", seems to be a common name for females of that breed, but I like it. Have done a lot of searching, both near and far...

Take care of your dog - he is a sweet character.

Anonymous said...

That's so exciting! What fun to have a new dog. It certainly looks like you're all prepared too.

CDGardens said...

kristine - My youngest daughter thinks her young four legged sister will be too spoiled to hunt.

Yes, I want to be prepared, not quite done. ;)

Blessed said...

That is great! Congratulations and good luck on the training - it is very satisfying to train your own hunting dog.

CDGardens said...

Blessed - I am looking forward to having the opportunity to have a well trained dog. One that will listen and behave. Other people are not so intimidated by a dog that obeys their owner.