Thursday, May 22, 2008

Time to Garden

The weather had improved giving us some rain free days. Decided it was a perfect time to see about getting the Troybuilt out of the shed. Once Hubby did some spring time spiff ups I was on my way. I am the turner of the soil facilitated by the 8-HP Troybuilt Horse model. Love the way it works the soil for planting beds. The dirt between my toes. I start off with shoes and socks on, but if the day is warm I am not satisfied with walking on the tilled surface with shoes or flip-flops on. Wanted to mix up the little garden to start getting some of my plants into the ground. Planted 6 - "Burpee's Big Mama" sauce tomatoes, 2- of an antique variety called "Brandywine" that seems to be making a come back,6 -"Burpee's Big Boy", and 4- patio tomato(only they got put into the garden with the "BIG" tomatoes). Got 10 - "Burpee's Carousel Peppers" and 4 - eggplant put into the ground. They are very small so I might end up replacing them if the rain that is coming is extremely heavy. The sweet potatoes and basil will be the next to put into the ground. Not going to plant things real close this year. It hasn't been tilled or weeded for a couple of years so will need to leave room for the tiller to help out in the weeding direction. Because the garden sits on a incline I leave most of the soil unsmoothed so the water won't run it all down hill. Leaving some pockets to hold the water, at least until we get alot of rains. Then it has to be stirred up again. With prices going up in the store I needed to get my freezer stocked with tomatoes and peppers, to start with anyway. Progress reports to come. Here are some other bloggers you might like to read getting ready for the produce planting part of Spring. Jody at The Hunter's Wife has a really great little garden she is sharing with all of us. Then check out Windyridge over in New York. She has had some challenges with the weather click here and here. I am quite sure she will be ready for the weather to finally be ready for gardening. I will certainly be keeping my eyes peeled for more gardening updates from these two gals. Looks like fun in my book !!! ;) This is only a section of the 25X50 garden that has been worked first at my house.

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