Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wind Turbines in the Wetlands

In Iowa we are finding more and more ways to incorporate some valuable resources provided by the natural geography of the land. The area pictured above runs along the famous Lincoln Highway. An optical illusion has the the wind turbines looking as though they are apart of the Don Mangels Wildlife Area,a public hunting spot developed by Story County and the local Pheasants Forever Chapter . Actually, the turbines are just beyond the perimeter. As time passes we are finding ourselves becoming host to fields full of several sources for energy production of one source or another. Beginning in Northern Iowa , the first to be groomed by the now defunct Enron Corporation years ago, miles of the alternative wind turbines were erected. In recent years those first turbines have seemed to sprout co-workers to assist in the growing demands of our electrical needs. Whether it be from the winds that blow reliably, or the corn in the field that could be directed to the ethanol plant within 15 miles from this location . We are one State of many working to gain alternative sources of energy, so lack will not cause us to wish we had planned ahead.
Can you see 'em now? ;) Hubby volunteered to do a fly over of the turbines straight north of our homestead eight miles, to give us a bird's eye view of the Fall landscape. ;)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Buck Rub

It is the season for the mighty whitetail buck to start leaving more evidence of his secretive summer presence. This is the second rub in a weeks time that I've discovered in the close vicinity. The Hawthorne trees seem to be the focus of the rubs. That is a fact I will have to keep in mind when looking for other rubs, and scrapes, to see how common it is in this timber. Yesterday, this rub did not exist in an area I have begun to groom as a resting spot behind my garden. This little cul-de-sac has been a very popular meeting place for deer of all ages in the past. It is to the south of the hickory that fell a few months ago.The perfect spot to create a funnel for the upcoming shotgun season in December...

Pheasant Opener

Tomorrow morning, October 25th, here in Iowa, hunters and their four legged friends will be taking to the field in search for what is being considered the scarcely populated upland bird, the pheasant. Forecast for success by officials still has a positive outlook for those who put in a lot of time in their hunt. Presently, we are in a cycle where large groups are not apart of the landscape. Standing crops in fields may provide barriers to what could already be a challenge for the first day. Opinions heard from an avid resident hunter supported hunting as usual. He was going to take his dog out for some exercise with his friends to see if they could find a few of the Ring - necked Roosters. As for me this season - I only plan to listen for activity and observe. The general consensus of our immediate area is a serious shortage. The Iowa season runs from October 25, 2008 - January 10, 2009.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

There is Hunting Happening Here

Visibility was limited this morning.The fog being brought to this neighborhood by changing temperatures. The guns started going off a little before 7:00 A.M. according to the clock. Early Muzzleloader started this past week and a second Duck season started this morning. I had the opportunity to make an acquaintance yesterday. Spoke with our districts Conservation Officer, Bill Fribley. He has a wide territory to cover in his responsibilities of enforcing the Department of Natural Resource's regulations. Made a contact with him because of some activity I felt was outside of the guide lines for hunting the Whitetail at this time. According to the renter of the property next to us he has only granted hunting rights to one individual, but the two individuals here this week didn't include that person. So, I am wondering today if that is the same scenario with the Muzzleloader activity that has taken place. I don't open up our timber to hunters from the outside because of past dealings. However, according to the law an injured animal may be retrieved off of our property. It would be best if those hunting on the bare field would let us know they were going to be there. Of course they don't seem to have the same train of thought... Sadie and I have been serenaded by gunfire on a few of our treks outside. The 11:30 A.M. jaunt seemed to herald in another barrage of blasts. The fog having lifted has left us with a cool and sunny day. It is now early afternoon, there is still a lot of time for both the deer and hunter to regroup to try everything all over again. When the day comes to an end we will go see how many of those blasts ended a deer that had to be field dressed,like the one on Thursday night, on the Timber Life side of the fence...;)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sadie Says - Ruff, Ruff, Ruff, Rough!

Things have been a bit rough around Timber Life. Mom keeps letting me outside to use my sniff and chase reflexes when the squirrels are mining underneath her car. Chewing whatever they chew...Those little red tree rats really give me a great workout. Anything with legs that move - I'm ON IT! Anyway, some times those creatures take off into the timber where Mom doesn't mow, or spray chemicals. Over the years animals have brought some really sticky seeds into my close to home running range.
You should see how the long hair on my beautiful ears gets twisted
- no need for styling mousse these days.

OH NO! Here she comes again! Two brushes in hand. I get to chew the green brush handle when she is going at me with that blasted wire thingy. Mom and I are both going to be extremely happy when the snow finally comes to cover those prickly stickers over for this season! Pssst! Ya know what's funny? I get to snicker, cause Mom has to peel those pokies off herself tooo...;)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Deer Hunting in the Open

The soybeans were harvested this past weekend in a field next to our timber. Leaving the field wide open, nowhere to hide. It is interesting in what ways die-hard hunters are able to capitalize on various hunting scenarios. This building belongs to a guy who works for the leasee of the field.The owner of the building and his friends are avid hunters in the area. In all seasons... They will probably begin using the structure very soon since the first Bowhunting season arrived in Iowa on Ocotber 1st and runs until November 30th. The second season opens December 17th and will run through January 10th. I can see the possiblities in using this deer stand in the gun seasons as well. It took it's station a year ago further to the east of this location in the corn field. I would be interested in observing the deer/hunter activity as the seasons progress.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sharing My Blog Roll

We must be Simply Outdoors to lead a Blessed Crazy Life over at Deer Camp to hear Marian's Hunting Stories about the Hunting Life of Whitetail Woods. The Hunter's Wife ,Jody, has something to share about The Buck Hunters when they come back from Base Camp to share with whom ever will listen. Being avid huntresses in the blogging world The Wild Woodswoman - Dana, FS Huntress - Kim, and NorCal Cazadora - Holly have my attention and great respect. The Great Wild Outdoors of Alpha Trilogy , Backwoods Drifter, Othmar Vorhinger, Upland Feathers reminds me of a Huntin' Junky. I can't forget Mel over at The Fishing Notebook as a voice devoted to the sport. All men devoted to experiences that could take them to a meeting at the Outdoor Bloggers Summit next Spring. With most of us looking foward to the Timber Life we focus on how to Hunt Smart and Think Safety... (Please forgive me if I missed someone this time. I had to concentrate to accomplish this tribute. I have worked and worked to try to make the links active on more than one occassion...saving doesn't seem to work. I will not send this to the recycle bin once more, because it is worth being said in any event! ;) )

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Roving Cows

Tis the time of year for the weather to be a changin'! We have a herd of cows that spend time pasturing in fields behind our property from early Spring until the end of October. It never fails, in the Fall, groups of cows seem to always find a weak spot somewhere along the lines to escape the humdrum of short grass. They wander into the fields of maturing beans, and corn, to complete their diets, to get ready for harsher weather ahead; even though they are headed for a more sheltered location in a few weeks. Hubby has been seeing the marauders from the air when he takes flight, and buzzes them back in the direction they should go to get home. There have been two cows and three calves hanging out in the ravine close to his runway the last few days. This morning we saw two cows and two calves when they decided to walk the quarter mile up the drive to the house to see if there was any new vegetation to sample. Somewhere they had lost the third calf, even though I believe I heard it still in the general vicinity. Apparently, they didn't approve of the location of some 10'x10' deer food plots I am grooming for next year. 2"x2"x24" wooden stakes were pulled up from the corners to make room for better grazing. There are 10 foot grass seperations between each bed which didn't seem to be sufficient... Sorry for the time of day lighting. Can't really see the missing markers in the far beds. Sadie, of course wanted in on some action. She is getting really bored these days. No Pheasants to chase don't 'cha know. ;) However, she remained inside so as not to stir the wrath of the "Big Bossy Cows." The Roving Cows stayed around just long enough to make things comfortable for the next visit???