Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving !

Thanksgiving MySpace Comments and Graphics Thanksgiving MySpace Layouts Photobucket Login - Upload Pics and Videos Free Comments and Graphics Wow! Thanksgiving has arrived...It can mean different things to different people. One thing I hope that it means to everyone is to share the day with those you hold with high regard. It might take you miles from home to visit loved ones, or maybe down the street to a mission to serve those less fortunate a good meal they might not otherwise get to eat. Wherever life takes you today, Hubby and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving from Timber Life.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sadie Says - Let Me at 'Em

Let me at 'em. Just let me at 'em!!! Paws moving briskly across the keypad. I was able to get it commandeered A-G-A-I-N.(with a maniacal giggle) Mom is really falling behind here lately. I need to start getting things back on track. Don't want her blogging buddies to think she has forgotten them. Looks like I need to help her get the words out. For some reason she got these two long sticks out with a long rope that she plays with alot these days. As if she doesn't have anything ELSE to do...She acts like nothing matters, but playing with the two sticks and long rope.
Says she is making a scarf for somebody across the Mississippi, way off in Illinois. Gettin' cold over there she says. Got to RUFF about that cause it is gettin' cold here too. Where's my scarf? Talk about being ignored!!! An 8 month old puppy can only take that for so long...HRUMPH! Finally looks like Mom made it to 100 blog posts the other day,with my help. Yeah, uh huh with my Yelp.(as I slide across the kitchen floor in jubilation) Goodness, who would have ever thought she would get that far in a year?!? Sometimes it is just like pulling teeth to get her to stop and think. Ahhhhh, now that I have gotten somethings off my back , I can rest a little easier, knowing everybody has heard my rambling barks another day.....;)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Write About the Good Challenge

Thanksgiving is right around the corner...I have many things to be thankful about. However, I would like to take the time to be apart of the Thanksgiving Write About the Good Challenge. Kristine over at Hunt Smart Think Safety has ask us to write about a mentor that has influenced our activities in the great outdoors. It is my extreme pleasure to tell you about the gentleman that enabled me to go after the abundant Whitetail. A neighbor of 74 years young, that has hunted in our area since he was old enough to carry a gun and a year round fisherman. He learned of my desire to be out stalking when I mentioned how I would like to see what the gunshots on my property were bringing down. The next season, he came bearing a well used Remington 20 gauge which I used for a couple of years, before I got my new Remington 870 Youth Express. Last year during Shotgun Deer Season he was going through Chemotherapy for Prostate Cancer. He went hunting anyway, and took down his limit for each gun season, processing them on his own. This summer after receiving a clean bill of health he has been very busy living each day to the fullest. His name, Merlin Klaas, a hunter-fisherman that loves the Outdoors. An inspiration to to all that have the opportunity to know him.

Friday, November 14, 2008

OH Deer!

We are all probably becoming witnesses to the rutting behavior of the Whitetail deer if you spend anytime at all in timber, or field,at this time of year. This young buck seemed intent on making an impression on the young doe that led the way...The doe appeared to be around 1 year old, there was one fawn following in close proximity. I would put the buck between 1 1/2 and 2 years. In reading over at I discovered why his antler development isn't really very impressive at this point. They say that his bone structure and body mass is getting most of his energy right now. Antler mass becomes more impressive when the whitetail buck reaches 4 years old and beyond. However, I would like to keep an eye out for him in a year or two to see how this little guy will mature.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Eating Green

Eating Green??? As I hear the question echoes coming in from the blogosphere. We are hearing alot these days about the Green Revolution. The contruction of buildings both commercial, and residential,fabrics we use for our clothes, cleaning formulas, energy to power our every day needs and last but not least our transportation. However, today I am not going to be addressing any of the afore mentioned topics. What then, you say is all this about, "Eating Green"??? The answer happens to be a huge head of cabbage in the 15+lbs. range. It happened my way when my brother, an owner/operator of an 18 wheeler, delivered a load of these members of the brassica family to a grocery warehouse. Now, I am thinking of all the ways to use it up. A very sweet Fall treat considering it's size. Thanks brother Ed! ;)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sadie Says - It's Snow!

Mom rousted me out of bed shortly after 5:00 A.M. and asked if I wanted to go outside. I acted as though I didn't hear her for a second or two. Yawning....Picked myself up, curled my back towards the ceiling, stretched my right front leg, then the left. After my oxygen promoting morning routine we headed out the back door. With the door opened, and the light switched on to illuminate the darkness, I saw these things floating in the air. Bugs! Millions and Millions of BUGS! I'm in heaven as my head went from side - to - side trying to grab them up. Hmmmm, no crunch. How disappointing... I was havin' such a great time! The snow has stopped and warmth in the ground has started making water out of what fell.
Before it started to melt, Mom was quick to grab the camera and look out the back after daylight arrived...
Recognize the cul-de-sac?