Sunday, January 13, 2008

Resident January Antlerless Season Begins

The planned resident January Antlerless Deer season started on Friday ,the 11th,and will run through Sunday,January 27th, in 59 designated Iowa counties. Once again the purpose of this season is to decrease the doe population in accordance with the DNR's management of the herds. An added week has been granted this year in hopes more tags will be filled. This hunt will bring to conclusion the opportunities for Iowa deer hunters to take to the field until the Fall openers. There are 21 counties in the southern two tiers of the state that will allow the use of center fire rifles .24 caliber or larger for the term of the antlerless season. An overlap of dates came January 11th-13th with the Muzzle Loaders,who had their hunt extended due to the specially declared season on December 21st-23rd. They felt slighted by other methods of weaponry being in the timber and fields at the same time. So, to curb the discontented feelings the DNR extended their day count by three. Let me remind you that party hunting remains a legal option to funnel the deer to other members of your group. Don't forget to wear your blaze orange when you are out and about, for visibility sake...Should you be found by an agent of the DNR without it, you will see a fine. A note to deer hunters that have licenses, as of January 11th, 2008 you will need to pay an additional fee known as the "Habitat Fee" to be able to hunt. Tags are still available for resident purchase in 22 counties, among them are two northeast counties, Winnishiek and Allamakee. Reports state that the eastern and southern counties still have the heaviest concentrations of the 4-legged foragers. The DNR is promoting the HUSH program to hunters that have more than enough deer to help the Iowa Food Bank to provide meat to the needy. If you would like more information checkout the state site.