Friday, January 25, 2008

Passing "The Excellent Blog Award"

Recently I received a very nice recognition ,"The Excellent Blog Award", from a southern lady, Marian from Marian's Hunting Stories etc...etc... Since I was graciously bestowed this honor I have some blog writers I think could certainly place this emblem proudly on their sites. I will start with one for now... look for more in the future. deerPHd comes to mind when I think of hard working, devoted to his cause. He has so many great articles, but I think one of my most favorite on going series is "What would you do?" Presently,Bryan is working on pursuing a doctoral degree in Psychology. Raised by a dad that loves hunting and fishing, Bryan is passing along his interest in the same outdoor sports. I am sure you will find spending sometime over at deerPHd an enjoyable read. Please click on over and tell him CDGardens sent you.